The PC market has seen many ups and downs over the last few years. After Covid-19, the entire industry saw record demand, but this demand has quickly died down in recent months. 

Graphics card prices have been on a downward spiral recently, along with the rest of the industry. However, it seems like this trend is not stopping anytime soon. As reported by Digitimes Asia, Acer CEO Jason Chen believes that the PC market has not yet bottomed out

PC Gaming Market

The CEO claims that the PC market will likely decline in 2023. All-time low demand is said to be the primary cause of up to 20% decline in the market. This would mean that Q2 2023 could be the perfect time frame for buyers looking to purchase new components. 

This sounds like a dream come true for most customers. Graphics cards and other PC component prices have recently started to return to normal after nearly two years. Many buyers have likely held out on potential upgrades, and this report means that their patience will soon be rewarded. 

Furthermore, the CEO believes this will adversely impact companies and distribution levels. Companies are advised to prepare in advance, and Jason Chen recommends raising cash levels. 

The world is expected to be heading toward a recession soon. Economic conditions worldwide are challenging, so the CEO’s concerns seem valid. Companies like Microsoft have also recently laid off many employees, but the future of the PC market remains uncertain. 

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080

Going by this report, consumers would be wise to wait before pulling the trigger on a brand-new PC purchase. New processors and graphics cards have been released within the last few weeks. While impressive performance jumps have been made, prices are much higher than prior releases. 

This report could mean another downward trend will soon be observed across all segments of the PC gaming market. Nothing is set in stone yet, but the information makes a convincing argument for the CEOs’ predictions.

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