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Patriot Viper USB 3.1 Memory Review [Benchmarks Included]

In this review, I will take the Patriot Viper USB 3.1 memory for a spin and test it over different benchmarks and applications.

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The Patriot Viper USB series boasts exceptional read speeds, perfect for gamers and users needing quick access to large files. With USB 3.1 Gen 1 technology and capacities up to 256GB, it suits those seeking ample storage. However, the limited write speeds, especially for smaller files, might be a concern for users who prioritize consistent performance in file transfers.

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  • Impressive sequential read speeds up to 385MB/s.
  • Robust design and swivel mechanism for durability.
  • Broad storage options from 64GB to 256GB.
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems.


  • Modest write speed at 40MB/s, especially for smaller file transfers.
  • Variability in write speeds based on file sizes.
  • Potential performance disparities during file copying.

I recently got my hands on the Patriot Viper USB 3.1 Memory, a 64GB flash drive from their Viper series. As someone always on the lookout for reliable and speedy storage solutions that don’t cost a fortune, I was pretty excited to see how this one stacked up.

The Viper series has a few different options in terms of capacity, and I went for the 64GB model. It seemed like a solid choice for anyone needing a balance of speed and storage without spending too much.

Inside, the Patriot Viper has a single-chip USB 3.1 controller. Speed is a big deal for me, and this drive boasts some pretty impressive read speeds – up to 385MB/s. But I have to say, the 40MB/s write speed was a bit of a surprise. Let’s get into the details and see how it performs in real-world situations.

Key Takeaways

  • The Patriot Viper is a USB 3.1 Gen 1 Flash Drive series with high sequential read speeds up to 385MB/s but limited write speeds, available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB variants.
  • The Patriot Viper is recommended for gamers needing substantial storage for games and data, especially those valuing high read speeds for quick access.
  • The Patriot Viper may not be for users prioritizing equally high write speeds or dealing with file copying of varying sizes where consistent write speeds are essential.

Let’s take a look at the specifications and features!

Certifications/Safety CE/FCC/ROHS
Product Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Unit UPC 0814914021446
Unit Weight 0.01 lb / 8 gm
Unit Dimensions 0.45″ (D) x 0.77″ (W) x 2.15″ (H) / 1.14 cm (D) x 1.95 cm (W) x 5.46 cm (H)
Packaging Type Retail Packaging
Packaging Weight 0.03 lb / 17 gm
Packaging Dimensions 0.5″ (D) x 3.91″ (W) x 5.31″ (H) / 1.29 cm (D) x 9.96 cm (W) x 13.5 cm (H)

Packaging and Unboxing

The Patriot Viper comes in a simple yet traditional paper packaging for the flash drives.

Closer Look

The Patriot Viper USB 3.1 Gen 1 flash drive embodies simplicity in design with a distinctive two-tone aesthetic: a maroon-toned cover over a sleek black body. Adorned with the Viper gaming logo and a clear “64GB” marking, it promises both style and substance. Built to withstand, its rubber-coated, rugged design ensures data protection.

Flipping it, you’ll notice a similar pattern without any branding. Its 360° swivel design and typical blue USB 3.0 connector add to its practicality. Built precisely, it’s a robust USB drive that Viper claims embodies speed, ample storage, and value.

PRO TIP: Backing up crucial data ensures you don’t rely solely on the drive and safeguard your information.

With USB 3.1 technology, it surpasses USB 2.0 drives, transferring a 2GB file within seconds. It features a single-chip USB 3.1 flash memory controller and boasts impressive read speeds up to 85MB/s and writes up to 65MB/s. It’s available in capacities from 64GB to 256GB.


The drive is It is compatible with:

  • Windows®10
  • Windows® 8
  • Windows® 7
  • Windows® Vista®
  • Windows® XP
  • Windows® 2000
  • Windows® ME
  • Linux 2.4 and later
  • Mac® OS9, X and later.


We connected the drive to the USB 3.1 Type A port on the motherboard for testing. While we didn’t measure the 4k Random Read/Write performance, we focused on assessing its sequential read and write speeds. Given it’s not a standard SSD but a flash drive with limited space, these were our main areas of interest.

Test Setup

We have tested this drive on the X99 platform. The test bench setup is as follow:

  • Intel i7 6850k
  • Asus Rampage V Edition 10
  • Ballistix Elite 4x4GB 3000MHz DDR4
  • Noctua NH-U14S
  • Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD
  • Seagate 2TB Barracuda
  • Colorful iGame GTX 1050Ti
  • Corsair AX1200i


viper memory
CrystalDisk (Image by T4G)

When putting the Patriot Viper USB 3.1 Memory through its paces with Crystal Disk Mark, the results painted an interesting picture. The sequential read speed clocked in at 336.8 MB/s, falling short of the advertised 385MB/s by around 12.5%. Not a deal-breaker, but something to note.

On the writing front, the tested sequential write speed hit 39.43MB/s, a mere 1.425% dip from the promised 40MB/s. It’s a marginal difference, and the drive seems to handle writing tasks relatively well. However, it’s worth mentioning that the read speed didn’t quite meet the expectations set by the marketing claims.


Next, we run the AS SSD software to test the sequential read and write performance of the drive.


Next, we ran the ATTO Disk Benchmark to test the drive’s performance.

patriot viper memory
ATTO benchmark (Image by T4G)

On the default transfer length of 256MB with a complete range of transfer size, the read speed started to cross 300MB/s mark from 64KB transfer size. Whereas the drive stated crossing the 350MB/s above the 256KB transfer size.

PRO TIP: Use larger file batches to leverage its faster read speeds effectively.

For the transfer size of above 256KB, the speed variation was between the 350MB/s and 400MB/s for once when it actually crossed the 400MB/s on 48MB transfer size. The write speed is low on this drive as is evident from the picture. Looking closely at the graph would show that it came close to the rated 40MB/s write speed twice, but remains below this mark for the rest of the transfer sizes.

patriot viper memory Disk
ATTO benchmark – 2 (Image by T4G)

Next, we set the transfer length to the size of 2GB and ran the benchmark with the complete range of transfer size. This is where the drive has excelled in the read speed category. The drive entered in 300MB/s category above the 64KB transfer size and remained consistent above the 512KB transfer size with above 400MB/s read speed.

This is too good a performance to speak of. The write speeds were consistent above the 1MB transfer size and were almost reaching the rated 40MB/s write speed.

Anvil Storage Utilities

Next, we ran the Anvil Storage Utilities benchmark to test the performance of the drive.

Real Life Copying Test

Next, we put the drive in data copying test on our test bench using real data. The time take for the data transfer was taken using a stopwatch and we did not use the windows reported time for this purpose.

WARNING: write speed variations might impact copying smaller or numerous files more significantly than larger file transfers.

Compressing Test

The last step of our testing was to uncompress the 3.33GB file on to the Samsung 840 Evo 250GB SSD and Seagate 2TB Barracuda HDD. Below graph shows the result. There was not much of a difference in both. It took 37.53 seconds to uncompress this data on to the SSD and 38.5 seconds on to the HDD.

patriot viper dram
Uncompressing Speed (Image by T4G)

Should You Buy It?

Buy It If:

You’re seeking rapid data access: If you’re in need of high read speeds for quick data retrieval, this drive can be exceedingly helpful.

✅ You require ample storage options: For those seeking substantial storage with different options, especially for games or large files, this drive may be the way to go.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ Inconsistent speeds frustrate you: The drive’s read and write speeds may not be consistent at all times, especially when dealing with smaller files.

You prioritize high-speed writing: While the drive isn’t slow by any means, users that want the quickest writing speeds may want to look at alternatives.


The Patriot Viper RAM comes in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities, meeting user needs for mass storage, speed, and value. These drives, equipped with a single-chip USB 3.1 flash memory controller, achieve impressive sequential read speeds of up to 385MB/s, remarkable for flash drives. However, the write speed for the 64GB drive is a modest 40MB/s.

In terms of design, the drive is simple with a two-tone look—maroon cover and black body—with a Viper gaming logo and the capacity mentioned. Its rubber-coated, rugged USB and 360° swivel design provide robust data protection. It uses USB 3.1 Gen 1 technology, delivering higher throughput than regular USB 3.0 drives.

Patriot Memory backs these flash drives with a 5-year warranty, a testament to their confidence. Offering capacities from 64GB to 256GB, the Viper USB meets gamers’ storage needs for loading and playing the latest games. In our synthetic tests, the drive outperformed its rated read speed of 385MB/s, a great value proposition.

However, the actual write speed of 40MB/s for the 64GB version falls short, especially when copying various file sizes. Our real-life data tests mirrored these results, showcasing impressive read speeds across different file sizes while write speeds varied based on file size.

Our gratitude goes to Patriot Memory for providing us with the opportunity to review the Patriot Viper RAM.


Recent Updates

  • December 30, 2023: Few text changes to improve readability.

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