Palworld Steam Player Count Already Down By 84% One Month Later

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Among Steam's Biggest Player Count Drops!

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  • Palworld took over the internet last month and became Steam’s second-biggest game to date.
  • However, it has quickly lost many of its players since then.
  • The game’s current player base is down by around 85%.

While 2024 has delivered the likes of Helldivers 2, Tekken 8, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, and more already, there is no denying that Palworld has been the most successful so far.

Despite the criticism over potential plagiarism, Palworld is Steam’s second-biggest game today. The game peaked at just over 2.1 million players, but it seems to be on a downward trend a month later.

Why it matters: The game found sudden bursts of popularity last month, appearing to be unstoppable as player counts continued to rise each day.

Palworld Steamdb
Source: Steamdb

Palworld has already lost around 85% of its players. According to SteamDB, over 250K players are currently active in the game, and daily player counts are as high as 340K players.

While still impressive, these are a fraction of the game’s peak concurrent player count. Down from 2.1 million players, Palworld is no longer dominating Steam and gaming conversations like it used to.

Pocketpair recently confirmed that 25 million people have played the game to date. Sales have also surpassed 15 million units, making it a continued success despite the apparent drop-off in players.

Overall, Palworld is still in a comfortable position. With daily concurrent peaks beating popular titles like CS:GO, Dota 2, Apex Legends, and more, the concept of Pokemon with guns remains enticing for nearly half a million Steam users.

The game’s daily peaks are still higher than the lifetime peaks of most titles. A recent launch like Helldivers 2 is currently more popular, though its lead is not massive.

Palworld Features Different Types of Creatures To Capture

On this subject, a developer from Pocketpair has previously stated that players should not feel the need to return to Palworld all the time.

Unlike most live-service titles, Palworld is not looking for constant engagement from its community. The game also has a definite ending point, making it easy to drop compared to live-service titles with endless content and grinding.

Regardless of the current situation, this release is an undeniable success for Pocketpair. Palworld, even with a lower player count, will undoubtedly go down as one of the year’s biggest releases.

Hopefully, it will even inspire Pokemon in a few ways. While we would like to see Nintendo experimenting with third-party releases following this success, a more ambitious new game would be just as promising.

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