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PlayStation 4 Pro

PlayStation 4 Pro Specifications Revealed; AMD 8 Core Jaguar APU and 4.2 TFLOPS GPU,...

Formerly known as PlayStation 4K /PlayStation 4 Neo is now PlayStation 4 Pro with a new improved hardware, well, actually the AMD eight - Core Jaguar...
PlayStation 4 Pro

PlayStation 4 Pro: New More powerful Console From Sony Camp, Cost $399

During the PlayStation Meeting 2016, apart from the slim variant of a Playstation 4 Sony introduced a new and more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro (PlayStation...

Pakistan Gamers League 2K16 To Kick Off Next Week in Lahore

Pak Gamers Republic is all set to host one of the biggest eSports event in the country, the Pakistan Gamers League 2K16 next week....

EA To Add Mirror’s Edge Catalyst & Star Wars Battlefront In”The Vault”

You all might be aware of Origin Access. Yes it is EA's Subscription service which allows you to play a large number of games...

Get PlayStation 4 Pro at Half Price by Trading PlayStation 4 and 5 Games

Most of the PlayStation 4 gamers are not happy with Sony after the official reveal of PlayStation 4 Pro, an upgraded console in the...

There Will Be No Pirated Games After Two Years, Says 3DM Founder

Following constant updates to Denuvo protection, the first versions were implemented in titles like Lords of the Fallen, Dragon Age: Inquisition (cracked after a month...

[Report] Lords of the Fallen PC version has been cracked by CPY ITALIAN GROUP

The Denuvo Anti-Tamper technology, aimed to keep pirates at bay, but now it is again in the center of controversy when hackers claimed they...

PES 2015 PC System Requirements Revealed

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 better known as PES 2015 seems ready to compete with his rival, the rival who has dominated the FIFA Game...

Gamescom Awards Nominees Announced

Every year on August 15, a panel of journalists arranges the Gamescom Awards . Today, it has been announced the nominees in all categories, you can find...




cpu coolers for i9 12900k

6 Best CPU Coolers For Core i9 12900K

If you're thinking of buying the flagship processor, you might be looking for the best CPU cooler for i9 12900K. After a long wait,...