UK Introduces New Laws To Restrict Loot Box Access For Gamers Under 18

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More Transparency With Age Restriction!

Loot boxes have been part of the gaming industry for several years. With big IPs like Call of Duty, Fifa, and more incorporating this form of microtransactions, it has become controversial over the last few years.

The UK believes microtransactions cannot be allowed to continue in their current state and hopes to introduce new laws to restrict loot boxes. Games industry bodies like UKIE have published a new set of rules.

Among these reforms, one major guideline published on the UKIE website aims to restrict children under 18 from purchasing loot boxes without parental consent and guidance.

Why it matters: Opening packs with randomized content can often be addicting and encourage gamers to spend hundreds of dollars on digital content. The UK realizes this is a major issue.

Loot Boxes

UKIE has presented a total of 11 principles for the UK games industry. In addition to restrictions for gamers under the age of 18, the principles aim to provide transparency when it comes to these types of microtransactions.

Furthermore, the guidelines advise companies to ensure complete disclosure of loot boxes when rating games. This would apply to all companies pursuing this business model, and rating boards are also recommended to consider loot boxes when issuing ratings.

John Whittingdale from Creative Industries said:

“These new principles are a big step forward to make sure players can enjoy video games responsibly and safely.”

These principles were made through collaborations between various individuals from fields such as game studios, platforms, and trade bodies. Furthermore, the team will monitor the regulations with the UK government to ensure they are effective and reliable.

Previously, games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 have led to concerns about loot boxes in the gaming industry. These instances have led to governments and regulators intervening, and many gamers will be glad to see that efforts in the UK are not slowing down.

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