OpenAI Working On Advanced AI Model With 10 Million NVIDIA GPUs

Gamers Might Face Another GPU Shortage!

The ChatGPT by OpenAI we call it advanced, but this AI has the potential to grow more and more. ChatGPT’s latest model GPT-4, already utilizes several thousand AI GPUs. Now OpenAI wants to create a more advanced model connecting 10 million Nvidia GPUs.

Graphics card components were only used to play games and 3D graphics. Still, now they are an essential part of computing, and we can see that professional-grade Nvidia GPUs have become the best choice for artificial intelligence for development.

Wang Xiaochuan, the creator of the Sogou search engine, is the source of this leaked information. This businessman has invested in Baichuan Intelligence, a brand-new startup in China that is widely regarded as OpenAI’s main competitor in China.

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This business has previously released its Baichuan-13B model, which can operate with NVIDIA GPUs like the GeForce RTX 3090. Unfortunately, this partnership between NVIDIA and OpenAI on the sophisticated AI model we discussed has not yet received official confirmation.

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We can be confident that they have been coordinating and cooperating to make GPT-4 a reality. Wang also claims that ChatGPT is already working on a more advanced AI computing model that uses significantly more advanced training techniques. According to this approach, 10 million AI GPUs can be connected.

Given how popular AI is, it wouldn’t surprise us if they worked together more frequently. It should be noted that NVIDIA is already collaborating with TSMC to enhance production capacity significantly, and we know that green camp will prioritize its corporate clients over gamers. 

The idea of a supreme AI with 10 million NVIDIA GPUs appears unbelievable; recently, the creation of GPT-4 required the utilization of almost 20,000 GPUs.

Perhaps 100,000 GPUs will work together on AI in the future, but for now, you just need to be patient and observe how things develop at your own pace.

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