NVIDIA Increases The Prices Of RTX 30 FE Series  By Up To 6.4%

The year 2022 is off to a rough beginning for gamers as Nvidia have secretly decided to increase the prices of its well-known and in-demand product line RTX 30 founder series for the European market.

European Markets Get Hit By Price Increase On The RTX 30 FE Series By NVIDIA

The main source of information which was found through the Notebookbilinger/LDLC discord group via(Videocardz & HardwareLuxx) states that Nvidia has decided to increase the prices of its already hard to find RTX 30 founders edition by up to 6.4% depending on the model, which is the last thing that gamers wanted to hear from Nvidia. It feels funny even to think that year 2022 would be the year for gamers where everyone thought they would be able to purchase their long-awaited desired card with their hard-earned money, only to be hit by this price increase.

This news is quite shocking as there is no real apparent reason as to why Nvidia has decided to increase the prices of the said GPUs, as most of the evidence and predictions were suggesting that gamers might finally be able to purchase the RTX 30 series at original retail price and availability was going to improve since the crypto market has almost collapsed which would make it easier for the gamers to get their hands on the Nvidia’s most desired GPU series.

Price Increase Impact On The RTX 30 FE Series

  Old Price Є New Price Є Change in Euros % Increase
RTX 3060 Ti 419 439 +20 5%
RTX 3070 519 549 +30 6%
RTX 3070 Ti 619 649 +20 5%
RTX 3080 719 759 +40 6%
RTX 3080 Ti 1,199 1,269 +70 6%
RTX 3090 1,549 1,649 +100 6.4

Source: StockDrops Discord serverNvidia

The table above clearly shows how each card has been impacted after the price increase and the percentage of increase in the price. The most impacted card out of the entire series is the RTX 3090 FE which is increased by a whopping 6.4% which results in paying 100£ extra while the card which was least impacted by the price increase wave is RTX 3060ti which was only increased by 4.7% which in terms of euros is 439€ after the increase.
This also means that the people will not be able to get a FE card at their first announced MSRP.

What to Expect From Nvidia Price Increase

Although the decision is only restricted to the European market, it could also indicate that other regions are soon to follow. There has been some news around the web for a while indicating that the chipmakers, which mean Nvidia, AMD & Intel, were also considering and expected to increase the prices of their chips by up to 20%. In comparison, 6.4% does not feel so bad anymore, but it could be a start which would ultimately lead to up to a 20% increase in prices.
It has been more than a year now since the launch of the RTX 30 series launch, and it only seems to get harder by time for gamers to get the latest GPUs; considering what the leaked information has told us so far, I believe it will be safe to say that things are going to get much worse with no end in sight. It is likely that gamers will see another year go by till they even get a chance to buy at the new retail prices.

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