Nintendo Switch 2 Job Ad Points To Custom Nvidia DLSS Version

AI-Based Upscaling For Nintendo Switch 2!

The Nintendo Switch has been Nintendo’s best console over the last decade. However, it is nearly time for the gaming giant to move on, with leaks and rumors pointing to a 2024 release for the Nintendo Switch 2.

Nintendo is expected to continue its partnership with Nvidia for the new version of the Nintendo Switch. However, Nvidia has made significant strides in artificial intelligence since 2016, leading to upscalers like DLSS.

The Nintendo Switch 2 was already expected to use DLSS for better performance, but evidence has suggested that the console may include a custom version of Nvidia’s impressive technology.

Why it matters: DLSS is the leading upscaling technology, and its presence on Nintendo hardware will provide the manufacturer an edge over competitors like PlayStation and Xbox.

While the current Nintendo console is limited to mostly 30FPS gameplay, the Nintendo Switch 2 should enable 60FPS gameplay across a wide range of first and third-party games. This is where DLSS will also play a massive role.

As reported by Doctre81, Nintendo is recruiting a Data Engineer for machine learning, and the job description states:

“We are looking for a Data Engineer to help with integration of machine learning on low power embedded platforms.”

The description also mentions optimizations of machine learning for hardware constraints, including the power, memory, and CPU. This is likely referring to the limited hardware of the Nintendo Switch 2, unlike Nvidia’s RTX graphics card offerings.

While there was little doubt about the presence of DLSS, this description highlights that Nvidia and Nintendo are working together to optimize this impressive technology for the upcoming console.

Previous leaks have indicated that Nintendo has demoed games running with DLSS at Gamescom 2023, but sources have been undecided between DLSS 3.1 and 3.5.

Nintendo Switch

On the subject of DLSS, Nvidia has recently addressed the future of native and AI-based rendering.

The gaming giant believes traditional rasterization is on the road to being overshadowed by upscaling technologies, as they allow more freedom and can produce better than native images in many cases.

Nintendo is expected to join the latest generation of gaming in the second half of 2024. A series of leaks from Microsoft’s recent court case against the FTC has also provided insight into the console’s performance targets.

According to the documents, Activision was briefed about the console last year, with Nintendo elaborating on performance and hardware in line with the last-generation PS4 console.

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