Nier Automata Exceeds 7.5 Million Shipments And Digital Sales

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0.5 Million Sold In Last Five Months!

Nier Automata is among the best releases from popular action games developer Platinum Games. The game recently received an anime adaptation, first announced in February 2022 and launched in early 2023.

Though video game adaptations are usually a hit or a miss, Square Enix has done an excellent job with the anime. Following the anime’s success, Nier Automata has exceeded over 7.5 Million units sold.


The number includes total worldwide shipments & digital sales. This is a massive achievement for a franchise like Nier, which was not too popular before Nier Automata. Not too long ago, the game exceeded 7 Millon units in November, meaning that it sold nearly half a million units in the short span of roughly five months.

The anime adaptation has likely played a part in boosting the game’s sales. It should also be noted that the game is nearly six years old and continues to sell despite being released over half a decade ago.

Furthermore, the game was released on the Nintendo Switch last year. With the Nintendo Switch being a very popular console, this recent release may have also played a massive role in the game’s recent success.

Nier Automata ver1.1a’s first episode aired on 8 January 2023, and the latest episode of the anime was released last month. Though the anime has been delayed after the 8th episode, the team has given no new release dates.

Fans of the franchise will be glad to learn that Nier Automata continues to do well, despite releasing years ago. Many are also hoping to see a new addition to the franchise at some point, and this seems more likely with the recent boost in sales.

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