Gears of War Creator Wants To Revive LawBreakers

LawBreakers Returning After 5 Years?

LawBreakers, released in 2017, was not a huge hit but garnered a small and dedicated fanbase. It was a first-person shooter game that was made free to play following a disappointing release, but shortly after, the game’s servers were shut down completely.

LawBreakers received a 76% score on Metacritic, showing decent critical reception. However, the game is no longer available in the stores, and fans have been wondering about the franchise’s future for a long time now.

With that said, those still wondering about the franchise’s future now don’t have to wonder anymore. The creator of Gears has shown interest in bringing the franchise back to life.

Cliff Bleszinski has tweeted that Nexon owns the right to LawBreakers. After that, he talked about the resurrection of the game, appearing serious about bringing back the franchise on the latest platforms.

As stated earlier, LawBreakers was far from a success. At launch, the game did not draw enough money and attention to keep the franchise alive, but it seems we are about to see a revival of LawBreakers.

It is also worth noticing that Bleszinski recently tweeted about talking to his lawyer about LawBreakers and asked fans to stay tuned. Now he has teased the game’s revival, which means the veteran developer is quite serious about the franchise.  

Bleszinski also mentioned that players made fun of the game of launch, and they were rooting for it to fail. Still, he confirmed that there had been a lot of support for the game recently, and now that he intends to revive it, the franchise might rise in popularity. 

While there is no more information regarding the game, we can expect to learn more on the topic soon. Whether the game will be revived remains to be seen, but Cliff Bleszinski appears motivated to bring his FPS franchise back in a memorable way.

What do you think of Cliff Bleszinski teasing the revival of the game? What do you think about LawBreakers? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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