NFS Unbound Current Player Count Is Over 50% Lower Than NFS Heat

NFS Unbound Trailing Behind NFS Heat Already!

Need for Speed Unbound was one of the most anticipated racing games of 2022. It is the 25th installment in the Need for Speed series and perhaps the most unique one. The game was released on December 2, 2022, featuring a unique anime-style effect and character map.

The unique animation excited fans about the game when the trailer was released, but it seems like the game didn’t live up to the hype.

When the gameplay was leaked, fans were excited as EA went back to the roots of street racing, but the player base of NFS Unbound is significantly lower than NFS Heat.

Source: SteamDB
Source: SteamDB

The significant difference could be due to the sales. Need for Speed Heat was on a highly generous sale, so perhaps that’s why the game still has a more significant player base than Unbound. 

At first glance, NFS unsound looked great due to the new art style and the old street racing experience. Still, it couldn’t develop a huge player base, and there might be some reasons for that. The main reason could be the lack of updates which EA has acknowledged. 

EA has already mentioned that this year new updates for the game are going to be released, and more information is expected to be revealed sometime in March. Some recent updates might extend the player base, but we can’t be sure about it as we have already seen MultiVersus losing 99% of its player base.

Some players also choose heat over unbound because they can build and race any car on the spot. In Ubound, the weekly system seems like a drag. So, hopefully, EA will consider all the problems and release some significant updates to increase the player base.

As for now, Need for Speed Unbound lacks content for players to return, so there’s no way they would return unless a good update by EA is released. The players discussed are only limited to PC as on console; there are no exact numbers for us to discuss. But, likely, those numbers aren’t huge.

Aside from that, what do you think of the NFS Unbound player base being lower than NFS Heat? Do you prefer Heat over Unbound? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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