Naughty Dog Co-President Retiring After Nearly 30 Years At Studio

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Concluding Naughty Dog Journey After 25 Years!

Naughty Dog has established a solid reputation in the gaming business thanks to the many brilliant individuals who put endless hours of effort behind the scenes.

The studio is known for generating internationally renowned IPs like Uncharted. Co-president Evan Wells, who assisted in guiding Naughty Dog to its current status, is one such employee from the studio.

Unfortunately, Evan Wells has announced his retirement and his 25-year-long journey at the studio is ending soon.

Why it matters: Naughty Dog is arguably PlayStation’s most successful studio. Each experienced developer has contributed to this success, and the Co-President’s retirement is a significant loss for the studio.

Evan Wells states:

“After 25 years at Naughty Dog, I wanted to share with all of you that I’ve decided to retire at the end of this year.”

The developer began working at Sega but later joined Naughty Dog in 1998, where he has remained ever since. Evan Wells stated that he has been making video games professionally for 30 years, and Naughty Dog has been his home for more than half his life.

Evan Wells’ retirement also means that Neil Druckmann will be alone at the top spot at Naughty Dog. However, the Co-President believes he made the right choice and remains confident in Neil’s ability to lead the studio.

Talking about Naughty Dog’s upcoming projects, Evan Wells said:

“I couldn’t be more excited about our current projects.”

The Co-President also notes that the team is stronger than ever and will deliver on the industry’s expectations.

Naughty Dog produced several award-winning titles during Evan Wells’ time at the studio. This includes games like The Last of Us, which received several awards and inspired various franchises.

The studio’s upcoming projects include a new game structured more like a Tv show. A report also claims that Naughty Dog is working on the third game in The Last of Us franchise.

This has led to excitement among fans, and many were hoping to learn more about the studio’s future games at the recent PlayStation Showcase. However, the standalone multiplayer game set in The Last of Us universe appears to be facing development troubles.

Following no appearance at the PlayStation Showcase, recept reports claim the team has been scaled down, and the project has been delayed. According to the report, Bungie believes the game would not be successful as a live service title.

Still, fans have little reason to doubt the studio. The developers have a history of exceptional titles, and their next games are expected to continue this tradition.

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