More Games Expected In Batman Arkham Universe By DC

No Plans To Leave Batman Arkham Behind!

Story Highlights
  • Suicide Squad is set in the Batman Arkham universe, but the game is not shaping up to be too great.
  • Many fans were curious if this would lead to DC abandoning this universe after the game’s release.
  • No such plans are being considered, and James Gunn is hoping for more games in the universe.

Rocksteady Studios’ upcoming Suicide Squad title shares the same universe as its past games, with a trailer from 2022 highlighting Kevin Conroy’s returning performance as a villainous mind-controlled Batman.

However, there has been a lot of negativity surrounding this title in 2023. This led to doubts about DC potentially doing away with the Batman Arkham universe, but this does not appear to be the case.

Why it matters: The Batman Arkham series is held in high regard. Considered the pinnacle of superhero games, this franchise has stellar entries, from Batman Arkham Asylum completely changing the notion of superhero games in 2009 to Batman Arkham City setting a new standard just two years later.

James Gunn was recently asked if Suicide Squad would be the last game set in the shared Batman Arkham universe. The director is currently serving as the CEO of DC Studios and recently carved out a long-term plan for films, TV shows, and games.

He firmly replied that there were no plans to have it be the last game. In another post, a fan asked whether Suicide Squad’s reception encouraged DC to move away from this universe. James Gunn said:

“No way! I can’t wait for the game and hopefully more. I’m a fan.”

While these responses have been deleted, fans were quick to capture and spread them all over Twitter/X.

Therefore, more games in this world appear to be a safe bet. While nothing is set in stone till Rocksteady Studios releases Suicide Squad in 2024, the nostalgia for Batman might encourage DC to task the studio with another Batman game.

On the other hand, DC appears to be diversifying its portfolio. A single-player Wonder Woman game is currently in production, so DC could set its sights on other superheroes from the comics.

The former seems more likely to us, however, since DC is in dire need of great games. Following a victory in the race for a shared cinematic universe, Marvel appears to be leading DC in the gaming industry again.

With Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 making a major name for itself this year and games like Marvel’s Wolverine and Marvel’s Blade already announced, a return to Batman Arkham could give DC the advantage it needs over Marvel in the gaming industry.

Batman Arkham Knight

Our take on this story is like everyone else’s.

We would love to see the World’s Greatest Detective returning for another classic run from Rocksteady Studios since Batman Arkham Knight remains exceptional to this day, and modern technology would allow the developer to outdo its result from 8 years ago.

The last Batman Arkham game is rapidly approaching its 9th anniversary. While many games are quick to fade into obscurity in just a few years, Rocksteady Studios’ work on Batman has kept its trilogy relevant throughout the years.

Therefore, a return to the franchise would likely be a clever move for DC if Suicide Squad ends up failing after several years of development.

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