Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been the talk of the town recently. Activision’s franchise is a giant in the video games industry, therefore leaks related to the games attract a lot of attention. The game is a few months away at this point, and hype is at an all time high.

Recent leaks have talked about the sequel to Warzone as well as the controversial Skill Based Matchmaking algorithm for the upcoming game. Moreover, reputed Twitter leakers have also been dropping small bits of information over the course of the last few days.

The latest information comes from a 4chan thread. As with any leak, it would be wise to take this information with a grain of salt. The source claims to work at an Activision studio, and has dropped a supposed video to go along with the information. 

The video above shows loading screens featuring the new DMZ mode and the firing range. The source mentions that the DMZ mode will feature 20-35 players, spanning across a map with multiple biomes. The game-mode has allegedly taken inspiration from Escape From Tarkov, adding the usual Call of Duty polish in the process. DMZ is also set to feature weather systems, a day and night cycle and modular areas in an attempt to create dynamic gameplay. 

Gunsmith from Modern Warfare 2019 has also been refined further. The thread mentions that DMZ has received just as much attention as traditional Call of Duty multiplayer. It seems like Infinity Ward have also struggled with their ambitions for the title.

The source talks about crunch being a big issue for the game. Warzone 2 in particular is apparently suffering from bugs and glitches, despite the team’s determination to get things done. Falling through the map is mentioned in particular as a big problem in the current Warzone 2 build. The studio is also contemplating moving away from the Warzone branding in order to avoid some of the bad press that the mode has garnered over the years. Furthermore, it seems like the game will be held back by last generation consoles, hence players could be let down by the lack of a huge graphical leap.

Later in the thread, a gun jamming mechanic is also mentioned. The game will also feature a compass like system with callouts, similar to the 2019 game. Shooting an enemy will also highlight them for nearby teammates. Moreover, the game will presumably feature a weight class system. Hence, attachments and ammunitions will have an effect on the player’s movement speeds. Sliding will also be back and the mechanic will be affected by the supposed weight system.

The leak also states that Killstreaks will be team-based. A randomly spawned location will allow team-mates to call in Killstreaks but the system is a work in progress. Similarly, some perks will be team-based. The source states that players will be able to use points to call in support streaks. A mounting system that would allow pairs of players to overcome tall structures is also being experimented on, according to the source.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is set to launch in 2022. It seems like the game will be more ambitious than many had initially expected. With the addition of the brand new DMZ mode, the game could be looking to capture a brand new audience of first person shooter fans. The game-mode certainly sounds ambitious, but it remains to be seen if Infinity Ward can match the likes of Escape from Tarkov and Hunt Showdown.

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