Call of Duty: Warzone has recently been invaded by Godzilla and Kong. The Operation Monarch event features the titans fighting over the Battlefield, giving players many opportunities to create various gameplay scenarios.

However, Call of Duty: Warzone players have managed to find a unique way of keeping themselves entertained while also farming XP in the new game mode.

The method involves attacking Kong, but in a very different manner. Normally, the titan does not allow players to get near him. However, a new exploit has allowed players to get close and personal with the beast.

Initially found by Reddit user Mundoschristmas, the technique involves flying up to Kong’s balls with a helicopter. Yes, you read that right! You need to pass up to King Kong’s testicles and use the helicopter’s blades for some sweet XP.

The video below shows the technique in action; though King Kong might not be too happy about you watching it; 

You get XP for tickling kongs sack ūüėā from CODWarzone

This method is likely an oversight on the developers’ part. Perhaps, the developers left it in as a bit of a joke. If you’re an avid Warzone player looking to grind some XP, you might want to jump in a helicopter and work on King Kong’s balls before this exploit gets patched out.

While Call of Duty: Warzone players are busy giving King Kong a shave, Infinity Ward is preparing for the release of the upcoming Modern Warfare 2. We have covered news on the upcoming Call of Duty game in the past, and it seems like Infinity Ward’s latest project is their most ambitious undertaking yet.

This Warzone situation is completely NUTS, and we’ve had a great laugh out of the whole thing.

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