Microsoft Testing OpenAI Integration In Minecraft With Internal Demo

Artificial Intelligence For Minecraft!

Minecraft is among the most popular games the industry has ever seen. Having sold over 200 million copies across multiple platforms, the sandbox world remains popular despite being over a decade old. 

Millions of players have enjoyed bringing their worlds to life in Minecraft through the precise use of the tools provided in the game, and Microsoft might be looking to make this process more accessible than ever before. 

According to a report from Semafor, an internal demo at Microsoft allows users to control Minecraft through instructions given to AI

Twitter user WalkingCat has also shared a video that shows Minecraft using Copilot from OpenAI for custom creations.

The report clarifies that the demo did not use Prometheus, which is part of the Bing chat service. However, the results shown in the video are still extremely impressive and should give users an idea of what Microsoft is aiming for. 

Players can use issue commands to the AI technology, and Copilot will handle the rest. This will make building complex structures a matter of seconds, and players can further customize the levels to their liking. 

Furthermore, Copilot can enable commands like teleportation, allowing players to explore different worlds in the Minecraft universe. 

Recently, the Nvidia CEO praised OpenAI’s innovations with ChatGPT, calling it the iPhone moment for AI. If applied to the gaming industry, artificial intelligence could transform the development process and the interactions between players and the games. 

A game like Minecraft has over a decade of history. With proper training on the tools and game mechanics, an AI model could use that information to enhance the gaming experience for millions of Minecraft players. 

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