Nvidia CEO: ChatGPT Is The iPhone Moment For AI

iPhone Of AI!

ChatGPT has made headlines over the past few months. The new chatbot from OpenAI breaks new ground in modern computing with an AI that can perform various tasks, from writing complex computer code to answering basic questions. 

Microsoft recently announced ChatGPT integration with Bing, with over a million registrations in two days. On the gaming side, GPU manufacturer Nvidia also benefits from ChatGPT. 

With Nvidia’s already significant focus on AI processing power, the company could put its hardware to good use thanks to the rising influence of AI and ChatGPT. In February, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang was present at Berkley Haas university and was asked about his thoughts on the technology.

He had much to say and also stated:

“this is the iPhone moment for Artifical Intelligence.”



When talking about the AI chatbot, Jensen Huang pointed to its diverse uses and how ‘everybody finds it delightful.’ He points to uses like writing a poem or filling out a spreadsheet. 

Elaborating on the iPhone comparison, he stated that ChatGPT brings ideas about AI together, similar to how Apple did with mobile computing. This also introduced the product to a broader market and allowed the general user to experience the technology themselves. 

He also believes that ChatGPT will make everything better. Tasks like drawing Powerpoint, photo editing, and more would benefit significantly from the integration of the AI chatbot, and Jensen Huang also talked about the pace at which the technology would spread.

Industries that have not seen many benefits from AI can now use the accessibility of ChatGPT to improve their efficiency and services. The team at OpenAI has effectively removed the difficulty barrier involved in computer technologies like programming for a much larger audience. 

With Nvidia’s recent AI implementations like DLSS 3 and more, CEO Jensen Huang appears to be very excited and enthusiastic about ChatGPT and the prospects of artificial intelligence.

Reports also claim that Nvidia’s GPU demand could exceed supply as the ChatGPT gains more popularity. Nvidia GPUs are currently a vital component of the technology with their CUDA support, and the seemingly unstoppable demand for ChatGPT could boost Nvidia sales. 

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