Metal Gear Solid Voice Actor Hints At Announcement In “Coming Weeks”

Remake Announcement Soon!

One of the most adored video game series is Metal Gear Solid. Fans from all over the world have adored the games in the series and have always been eagerly awaiting the new installments.

However, the franchise has been dormant recently, as Metal Gear Solid: Survive, the series’ most recent installment, was released in February 2018—nearly 5 years ago—and fans have been clamoring for a new game in the franchise ever since.

There have been rumors about Metal Gear Solid remakes for a long time. The rumors have recently increased, but we have yet to hear an official word regarding those rumors.

However, the rumors have received even more confirmation since the voice actor for Raiden in Metal Gear Solid recently stated in a Twitter thread about the game to stay tuned for things to be announced in the coming weeks.

The Metal Gear Solid producer previously hinted at a long-awaited project for 2023, and a little while after that, we learned that the Metal Gear Solid remake is expected to be announced before May 2023.

Furthermore, it has also been reported that the Metal Gear Solid remake would be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Many fans hope that Metal Gear Solid will be treated similarly to Silent Hill, but only time will tell.

We do not know what will happen, but we are excited and looking forward to the announcement. This is the limited information we have for now, but we will be looking for more news regarding Metal Gear Solid in the future.

On that note, what do you think about a Metal Gear Solid announcement in the coming weeks? Let us know in the comments section.

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Avinash Jaisrani
Avinash Jaisrani
Avinash is currently pursuing a Business degree in Australia. For more than three years, he has been working as a gaming journalist, utilizing his writing skills and love for gaming to report on the latest updates in the industry. Avinash loves to play action games like Devil May Cry and has also been mentioned on highly regarded websites, such as IGN, GamesRadar, GameRant, Dualshockers, CBR, and Gamespot.

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