Max Payne Remakes Budget Increased; Production Begins June 2024

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Expect Even Better Remakes With Bigger Budget!

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  • Remedy Entertainment says Max Payne Remakes will enter production by June 2024.
  • The team also confirms a budget increase for these two projects.
  • Since Rockstar Games is financing the remakes, the studio will continue to handle the extra costs.

Following the release of Alan Wake 2, Remedy Entertainment’s future is brighter than ever. The studio has proven to be an outstanding part of AAA gaming, nailing story-telling, modern graphics, and more elements of AAA game design.

Remedy Entertainment is currently leading development on Max Payne with the same enthusiasm. The team is remaking the first two games, and it confirms production is set to begin in June 2024.

Why it matters: With each new earnings report, Remedy Entertainment consistently updates audiences about Max Payne. This means that the projects are going as smoothly as possible.

Max Payne Production
Max Payne Production Details via Remedy

Previously, Remedy Entertainment outlined goals for beginning production soon. The team has narrowed down this window, stating that production is set to commence in Q2 of 2024.

This means that work on the projects will be in full swing by June at the latest. However, an even more encouraging update came from the studio’s investor’s call. The developer has confirmed a budget increase for Max Payne 1 and 2.

According to CEO Tero Virtala, higher costs were primarily responsible for this budget increase. The additional budget also comes from Rockstar Games, the original source of financing.

This goes without saying, but a bigger budget should lead to even more ambitious remakes from Remedy Entertainment.

James McCaffery Alex Casey Max Payne
Max Payne From The Remakes May Look Similar To Sam Lake’s Model From Alan Wake 2

Anyhow, there is a lot to be excited about. Remedy Entertainment spent about four years on Alan Wake 2 production, so if the team follows a similar timeline, Max Payne Remakes should be out by 2027.

This would put the project among the last few games of this current generation. Since Remedy Entertainment is already known for its projects being visual powerhouses, we expect the remakes to utilize the current consoles fully to create the best possible remakes for this classic series.

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