Lords of the Fallen Will Generate $100 Million, Says Publisher

Sold 1 Million Units In 10 Days!

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  • Lords of the Fallen was one of the most prominent Souls-likes of 2023.
  • The game sold 1 million copies in just 10 days, but CI Games is hoping to sell more copies for $100 million in revenue.

Cl Games, the publisher behind renowned IPs like Sniper Ghost Warrior, has released an interesting Souls-like this year. In a year full of exciting Souls-likes, Lords of the Fallen was one of the better options.

With mostly positive reviews, it became the publisher’s biggest release in twenty years. Adding to this success, CI Games believes the Souls-like will generate $100 million in the future.

Why it matters: This goal shows the lasting appeal that many games can have. While some are quick to die out, others can stay relevant for many years, and this is exactly what the publisher is betting on.

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Marek Tymiński, president of CI Games, says that Lords of the Fallen is now one of the publisher’s most important IPs. The game quickly sold 1 million units in the first ten days, rivaling the success of games like Remnant 2, which achieved similar results in seven days.

Highlighting future ambitions for this IP, the president said:

“Our current ambitious goal is to achieve $100 million in reported net revenue from sales.”

While this may be a high bar to aim for, CI Games is confident that it will achieve the goal. Still, the president did not clarify a specific window for this target.

Following the release of Lords of the Fallen, the publisher is working on various projects. This success will be crucial to future projects since the studio previously confirmed that it expects a bright future after the recent results.

Lords of the Fallen

While looking at the revenue generated from Lords of the Fallen, the company reported consolidated revenue amounting to PLN 59.1 million (43 percent increase year-on-year) in the first nine months.

A significant contribution to this figure was made by the Souls-like in September.

While we believe CI Games may have set too high of a goal, there is nothing wrong with being confident.

Lords of the Fallen has been constantly receiving updates since launch, with developer Hexworks addressing many of its biggest issues. Therefore, with such support, $100 million might just be achievable in some time.

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