The Last Of Us Season 2 To Begin Shooting On 7 January

Expected To Arrive In Late 2024 or Early 2025!

Story Highlights
  • The first season of the Last of Us TV show was a major success.
  • A new season will enter the production phase from the first week of next year.
  • The Last of Us TV show is likely to get many more seasons in the future. 

The Last Of Us TV show was among the first adaptations to show the potential of games and their stories to a wider audience. After positive reactions, this TV show went down as the best gaming adaptation on TV.

While airing on television, it reached an average of over 32 million viewers each episode, becoming one of this year’s biggest successes. However, the 2nd season was delayed because of the recent strikes.

Fortunately, the strikes have concluded, and The Last Of Us season 2 will begin production in the first week of next year.

Why it matters: The first season was so successful that it led to renewed interest in this franchise. Therefore, anticipation for season 2 is much higher.

Last of Us TV Show
Source: FTIA

As reported by FTIA, a new season of The Last of Us will begin filming on 7 January.

This would mean that the next season is still a year away. The first season required nearly a year for complete production, which began in July 2021 and ended in June 2022. Seven months later, the TV show finally aired in January 2023.

However, the second season is expected to wrap up production quicker than the first. In the case of season one, the pandemic slowed things down, so it will be interesting to see how long production of season 2 takes.

While The Last of Us Part 2 was a much longer game than its predecessor, the TV show won’t cover its entire story in the second season. Therefore, depending on the content being covered, production might not require too many months.

If everything goes according to plan, The Last of Us season 2 could begin airing before the end of 2024, but it would be best to take this window with a grain of salt.

Naughty Dog Last of Us

Going by past comments, the series will run for around four seasons. This should allow the production team to focus on a coherent narrative and expand weaker parts of the second game.

Following an incredible first season, there is a lot of excitement surrounding this IP. While the second game was certainly more divisive, its darker themes hold the potential for an even better TV series than the first season that audiences enjoyed so much.

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