The Last of Us Reached An Average Of 32 Million Views Each Episode

Most Watched TV Show In Europe And Latin America!

The Last Of Us proved to be a critical success for HBO. Initially premiering on January 14, 2023, it received positive reception upon its launch, with some even claiming it to be the best video game adaptation.

In a new earnings call by Warner Bros. Discovery, it was revealed that The Last Of Us is now officially the most-streamed TV show on HBO Max in parts like Europe and Latin America, averaging about 32 million viewers each episode.

Why it matters: Live-action adaptations of video games are not generally known for their quality, but recent releases such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros. have had a significant impact on the film industry. The Last Of Us follows in these footsteps and delivers the most successful adaptation yet.

last of us 32 million viewers HBO Max
Source: WB Earning Report

It is worth noting that these figures are accurate until April 14, as the compiled data covers the average viewership from 90 days within the show’s premiere on January 15, 2023.

The first season consisted of 9 episodes that covered most of the first game’s storyline, with a slightly different timeline. The show remained faithful to the source material and even expanded on certain characters.

Fans of the franchise can also rejoice as the second season has already been confirmed.

After the success of The Last Of Us, Sony is currently developing several other TV shows and movie adaptations of video games. Among these is God of War, headed to Amazon Prime, promising to remain faithful to the source material.

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