iPhone 15 Pro: Genshin Impact Shows Terrible Stutters At Max Settings

Potentially Due To Thermal Throttling!

Recently, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have been released worldwide, bringing many exciting features. In addition to usual upgrades in departments like the SoC and camera, Apple boasts significant gaming capabilities.

The iPhone 15 Pro boasts the A17 Pro, allowing it to handle modern AAA games. This has inspired confidence, encouraging Apple to pursue the goal of becoming the best gaming console.

However, a recent test shows that the iPhone 15 Pro can struggle with games like Genshin Impact when everything is pushed to the maximum settings.

Why it matters: This test may point to hardware limitations for the iPhone due to its small form factor, leading to issues with cooling the A17 Pro SoC.

Youtube channel TheRelaxingEnd recently unboxed the iPhone 15 Pro, testing the phone with various games. The video shows that Apple’s latest phone can breeze through games like GTA San Andreas and PUBG Mobile.

When testing with Genshin Impact, it displayed stutters and severe dips in frame rate. Since the phone was expected to be very capable, Genshin Impact was tested with the highest possible settings.

However, the game performed below expectations. When exploring the open world, Genshin Impact shows frequent stutters, but combat leads to even worse performance in the game.

During combat, the game effectively freezes for a few seconds in the worst-case scenario. Stutters are also very frequent due to intensive explosions and particle effects on the screen.

The poor performance may have been caused by the new processor’s thermal throttling or a lack of optimization from the Genshin Impact devs. Nonetheless, the game does not showcase the iPhone 15 Pro’s gaming capabilities too well.

While Genshin Impact is not particularly light on requirements, Apple boasts AAA capabilities for the iPhone 15 Pro, making this performance quite disappointing.

Though the video does not show the game running for too long, the iPhone 15 Pro is outmatched by Genshin Impact.

It remains to be seen how the phone will handle AAA titles like Assassin’s Creed Mirage, though in such cases, dedicated optimization and MetalFX upscaling may be very beneficial to the end result.

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