iOS 18’s AI ‘Apple Intelligence’ Will Be Announced In WWDC 2024

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The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models came with a lot of the same improvements that Apple made to new smartphones. Specifically, the Pro Max made use of a new TSMC 3nm SoC, a titanium phone body, a periscopic zoom camera, and several additional enhancements.

All of this, however, was still what Apple usually offers annually, and the technology and design of the mobile device were largely unaltered.

A few months later, we witnessed how the Samsung Galaxy S24 and the Google Pixel 8 used AI features to set themselves apart from the other manufacturers, including Apple.

Now, according to the report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman’s report, Apple will introduce its AI in the IOS 18 and it will be known as Apple Intelligence rather than Artificial Intelligence, although it has the same acronym as AI.

Apple iOS 18

Customers will like Apple Intelligence’s strategy of presenting itself as more helpful and less intrusive because Apple will give its users the freedom to turn off AI completely if they aren’t interested in it. 

For its AI services, Apple intends to leverage both cloud-based and on-device computing, with a stronger emphasis on on-device processing. iOS 18 will include an algorithm that determines which task calls for which technique, with a major factor in this decision being the task’s complexity.

Here are some of the key new AI-related features and changes expected in the new update; 

  • Apple News: AI-generated news article summaries.
  • Health: New features powered by AI, but no specific details are known yet.
  • Messages: Suggested replies, custom emojis, and message recaps.
  • Notifications: AI-generated notification summaries.
  • Photos: AI-powered photo retouching.
  • Safari: Browsing assistant that can summarize web pages.
  • Siri: A smarter ChatGPT-inspired version of Siri with more per-app controls.

At the WWDC Event 2024, Apple and OpenAI may declare their partnership as the AI-infused bot in iOS 18 will be launched. The iOS 18 will bring many features such as enchaning the pictures with AI and customizing your emojis. However, it all depends on how the user wants to use the AI features.

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