Core i5-13400 Offering Similar Performance To i5-12600k In Early Benchmarks

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Seems Like The Best Value For Money Offering From Blue Team!

We have seen numerous benchmarks of the upcoming budget chip from Intel, the Core i5-13400. But according to a recent benchmark leak, Intel’s mid-range variant might offer a lot more for its price.

A new set of benchmarks were leaked comparing the Intel Core i5-12600k to the upcoming Intel Core i5-13400 by a foreign website nguyencongpc.

In terms of specifications, the Intel Core i5-13400 comes equipped with a total of 10 cores and 16 threads. These 10 cores on the Intel Core-i5 13400 are divided into 6 performance and 4 efficiency cores. The new processor can also boost up to 4.1 GHz on all cores, while a 4.6 GHz boost can be achieved on a single core.

The Intel Core i5-13400 also features 28 MB of L3 cache and will cost around 199$, making it the best price to performance chip on the market.

The Intel Core i5-13400 was benchmarked on 4 different tools, including Adobe Premier, Photoshop, Blender, and Cinebench. Regarding performance, the Intel Core i5-13400 is slower than the Intel Core i5-12600k, but not by much.

In Cinebench, the Core i5 13400 was 5% slower in single-core and 10% slower in multi-core performance compared to the Intel Core i5-12600k. Furthermore, the Intel Core i5-13400 performed exceptionally well and was 5% slower than the Intel Core i5 12600k in both Adobe Premier and Photoshop.

We are not sure about the pricing on the Intel Core i5-13400 yet, but we did see the 12th generation variant of the same chip, known as the Core i5-12400, sell for $200 while the ‘F’ variant saw a price of $170-$180 depending on the market.

Currently, the Intel Core i5 12600k is being sold for $240-$250, so it would make sense to sell the non-k variant of the Intel Core i5-13400 for much lower.

What are your thoughts regarding the performance of the new budget offering from Intel?

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