Today we run into the leaked details of entire Intel 13th Generation Raptor Lake processors for desktop; thanks for the foreign forum.

Thanks to the list, we know that a total of 14 processors will be launched, starting from the most basic model, an Intel Core i3 that will offer a configuration of 4 high-performance cores, until reaching 24 cores in the top-of-the-range Core i9 series. Additionally, we have the “F” variants without integrated graphics like the previous series.

While the most basic CPU is the Intel Core i3-13100, just above and the next model adds a lot of extra performance, as we come across an Intel Core i4-13400 with no less than 10 cores and 16 threads of processing, which are divided into 6 high-performance cores (P-Core) along with 4 cores of low power consumption (E-Core). We can have an affordable gaming build if we couple this processor with DDR4 RAM and a decent graphics card.

Below you can find leaked specifications of the Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake desktop lineup;

Intel Core 13th Gen Specs – Raptor Lake Alleged Specifications:

Model Cores / Thread P-Core
Cache Freq. Max
Core i9-13900KF  24C/32T  8/16 36 MB 5.80 GHz  125W
Core i9-13900F  24C/32T  8/16 36 MB N/A  65W
Core i7-13700KF  16C/24T  8/8 30 MB 5.40 GHz  125W
Core i7-13700F  16C/24T  8/8 30 MB N/A  65W
Core i5-13600KF  14C/20T  6/8 24 MB 5.20 GHz  125W
Core i5-13600  14C/20T  6/8 24 MB N/A  65W
Core i5-13500  14C/20T  6/8 24 MB N/A  65W
Core i5-13400  10C/16T  6/4 24 MB N/A  65W
Core i3-13100  4C/8T  4/0 12 MB N/A  60W


AMD knows that Intel will be unbeatable in the mid and low range, and that is why there are rumors that the AMD Ryzen 5000 family of CPUs will be expanded to allow the advantage of the current AM4 motherboards and DDR4 memory, thus substantially reducing the investment compared to a Ryzen 7000 system with AM5 motherboards and DDR5 memories.

Another more straightforward solution will be to significantly lower prices to add greater appeal to your current platform, so we’ll see what happens.

Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake Processors and Z790 Motherboards are expected to arrive on 17th October

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