I Am Tired Of Motherboard Gimmicks

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Motherboards are the worst culprit of misleading marketing and useless features that drive the price up without providing much value.

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  • Nowadays, motherboards have unimportant stuff that has nothing to do with performance.
  • Companies are compelling customers to buy expensive motherboards that they don’t need.
  • The solution lies in considering Value-For-Money products instead of fancy ones.

Gimmicks have plagued the motherboard industry in recent years. Manufacturers prioritize flashy features over substance, driving costs and distracting from meaningful innovation. It’s more expensive, stylish, and fancy but, conversely, very underperforming. I am tired of these motherboard gimmicks, so let’s spit the facts out.

This trend has been observed multiple times during the recent releases.

Flashy RGBs

First thing first. The RGBs. I know they look cool, and I acknowledge they add some boost to the looks of your system, but do they make your PC faster? No, a straight No. You might think that you are buying something special, but you are wasting extra bucks for looks.

Ultra Durable Protection Branding

Gigabyte Ultra Durable Z370 HD3
Branding On The Gigabyte Ultra Durable Z370 HD3 (Image By Tech4Gamers)

The term Ultra Durable may sound attractive, but looking at the other side of the picture is necessary. I noticed these motherboards have stronger DIMM and PCIe slots, but we’re unsure how long they’ll last. This extra strength may not make a huge difference against wear and tear over time. It’s hilarious that Gigabyte is calling their entry-level lineup Ultra Durable, but it’s their cheapest offering. A simple question came into my mind: if this “durability” thing is so important, why is it not a standard feature in all their motherboards? So, as a buyer, it’s critical to investigate these claims and focus on the real thing rather than just what sounds good.

VR-Ready Branding

I saw many buyers fall for the VR-ready hype. Remember that VR technology demands a solid combination of CPU and GPU, not just a fancy-looking motherboard. Many motherboards have this label, but it’s a marketing checkbox, not a performance indicator. So, the VR-Ready thing is more than having the best motherboard.

The “Gaming” Motherboard Myth

When I hear the “Gaming” Motherboard, they sound like digital beasts designed to nail the performance. But you know what the truth is? There is little real-life difference between a gaming motherboard and a regular one. I know they may look fantastic with eye-catching logos, but they don’t give you any noticeable advantage in gaming. So, don’t get dragged by the hype. I recommend you prioritize the performance instead of fancy branding.

AI Features

Nowadays, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a hot topic, and I noticed many manufacturers are also bragging about their AI-featured motherboards. They claimed this AI feature could also optimize power delivery and overclocking. Let’s spit the facts out. Most of these so-called AI features don’t use artificial intelligence. Instead, they are just fancy names for simple programs that change settings in the best possible way.

AI Features [Design Credits: Tech4Gamers]
AI Features
For example, I can say that my alarm clock is very smart because it wakes me up, but in reality, it’s just following a predefined pattern. So, when you see AI on a motherboard box, be aware that it is a very clever marketing trick to make default features sound attractive.

Exaggerated Audio Enhancements

Another bragged feature is the High-End Audio Codec. Motherboard makers use it to make their products look more impressive. However, I noticed that in real life, especially for gamers, these changes don’t significantly improve the audio quality. They are just minor optimizations of sound settings. You’re better off with a high-quality gaming headphone instead. So, whenever I see these acoustics advertisements, I know they might not be as good as they sound.

Don’t Be Fooled!

I felt that these gimmicks distract many people from understanding the core purpose of the motherboard, which is to provide efficient connectivity between the computer’s components. Manufacturers misguide people through more appealing marketing. Many users are falling into this trap, and instead of investing in better power delivery, improved BIOS interfaces, or advanced connectivity options, they opt for those things that don’t matter.

For users like me, who are always serious about getting high-performance systems and prioritizing speed over aesthetics, the widespread presence of motherboard gimmicks is frustrating.

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