How Stealth Videos Have Become A Genre Of Its Own On YouTube

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  • Stealth games such as the Splinter Cell series gave rise to the idea of stealth, which caused passive players to go for sneaky approaches in non-stealth games as well.
  • Gradually, even non-passive players began to admire and replicate the secretive approach used by YouTubers such as StealthGamerBR.
  • Now, YouTube is filled with gameplays that go for the stealth approach, garnering millions of views due to the satisfying and seamless gameplay.

Stealth Gameplays have been popularized by users such as StealthGamerBR on YouTube who master games and utilize the mechanics and movements of the games to maneuver discretely, creating an entirely new genre to watch. 

Origin Of Stealth Gaming

Stealth-focused games like the Splinter Cell series and the Metal Gear Solid series have paved a path for users to sneak behind enemies and complete the mission as discretely as they can. After this, the idea of stealth began to incubate in many players’ minds. 

Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, Hitman
Stealth Games

In other games, where we were free to choose our approach’s style, users began to be categorized as aggressive or stealthy players. While aggressive players tend to cause total chaos in plain sight, stealth-focused players went for the discrete, unalarming approach in these games.

This idea of using a secretive approach not only encouraged passive players to fulfill their desires but has also unintentionally given birth to a new challenge in which even aggressive playing users can embark on a journey to secure kills using the approach even on non-stealth games.

Stealth Videos On YouTube

Using the discrete approach in most games became a popular trend courtesy of StealthGamerBR, who has showcased his mastery in games by going for unnoticed, professional, and extremely stealthy gameplays on YouTube. 

This began to garner a lot of attention along with admiration because of how seamless he made these games appear. It was as if he introduced a new genre of stealth that was missing on YouTube. 

YouTube video

Additionally, StealthGamerBR is most praised for his creative ways of killing people. This is only made possible on games that give us the freedom to go for many elimination options including Far Cry 5, Cyberpunk 2077, Dishonoured, and the Hitman Trilogy.  

Master At Work

Users like StealthGamerBR mastered each of his games to perfection. This means every AI movement, every item in the game, and every hiding spot was observed and taken into account before recording the gameplay.

YouTube video

They can walk in plain sight as they know the range in which AI can detect them. Often, he gets close to the enemies and their suspicion bar in most games is almost filled to the top until he alleviates it by moving out or killing them. This keeps the viewer at the edge of their seats.

Therefore, whenever they maneuver, the viewers are filled with a sense of surety where it’s evident that this player knows what he’s doing. This assurance is incredibly fun and satisfying to watch since the viewer watches a master at work.

Feels Like Watching A Spy Movie

These players began to use the environment in his favor. This meant that in games like the Hitman 2, he would study the entire map along with the places certain characters stood.

YouTube video

This enabled them to perfectly time their actions, causing for extremely satisfying accidental kills. Often, they tease the enemies by throwing an object near them causing them to suspect you’re there but then eliminate them effectively in this brief time.

This enabled them to seamlessly flow throughout the entire game and use items to throw and defeat the enemies. StealthGamerBR also makes sure to spice things up by using weapons and using melee objects that are as small as a throwable rock.

YouTube video

For viewers, this gives satisfying gameplay with smooth movements and on-going teasing making it feel like you’re watching an action-packed spy movie in which the protagonist is toying with his rivals. 

Behind The Scenes

Becoming a master of games makes constant attempts to get a satisfying gameplay. This is evident in StealthGamerBR’s channel as well as he has showcased the list of all the failed attempts he made in pursuit of the perfect gameplay. 

YouTube video

Rise Of Stealth Gameplays

Gradually, other players began to hop on StealthGamerBR’s engaging style, playing different games with a discrete approach. This caught up with the YouTube algorithm, which gave rise to this newly-created genre.

YouTube video

Now, YouTube is filled with gameplay that consists of utilizing the stealth approach. Some people are blatantly copying StealthGamerBR’s engaging style while others have their own twist.

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