Why I Can’t Get Enough of the Hitman Trilogy

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This one's for the players who love creative freedom...

Story Highlights
  • The huge map with interactable items, and multiple killing strategies allows players to craft their own creative kills.
  • Players have come up with their own challenges, which are fun to watch so users started recording and streaming their gameplay.
  • Speedrunning has also created its own fan base, where viewers enjoy watching players break each other’s records.

Hitman Trilogy is the ultimate serial killer simulator which gives players the utmost freedom to use the entire map in their favor. Let’s take a quick look at why this trilogy never gets boring.

Endless Possibilities

Unlike all the previous Hitman games, the Hitman trilogy gives you the most freedom to kill and knock out your enemy in whichever way you desire. This is the real serial killer simulator where you have to end your target and you’re free to do so in any way.

The maps in this trilogy are extremely huge, with basements, rooftops, rooms, backyards, security areas, buildings, houses, huts, and so much more. The best part about this vast map is that every part of it is accessible and can be explored by players.

Hitman Triology Huge Map
Huge Map

The vastness of the map allows for useable items to be scattered all around the places, where you can explore and find them. On this huge map, you can also disguise yourself as chefs, technicians, VIPs, guards, and much more to enter otherwise restricted areas. 

While the normal approach would be to take down your enemy with a silenced pistol, the game allows you to interact with items and the map to come up with a strategic kill. The enemy has a path and once you’re aware of that path, you can take them down in various ways.

Accidental Kills

There are rat poisons available on the map and you can use them to poison the food and drink of your enemy. By doing this, you aren’t suspected of the murder because it was an accident, right?

YouTube video

Moreover, the game is riddled with opportunities to make accidental kills. For instance, you can make a water puddle and utilize open wires to electrocute your enemies. Similarly, leaking gas can cause your enemy to ‘accidentally’ explode if they light up a cigarette in that room.  

Additionally, isolating your enemy and pushing them off a cliff or a building is also a sneaky way to finish the mission without getting your hands dirty. Likewise, shooting or tweaking the switch of the chandelier can cause it to fall over your victim as well.

Silent Assassin

With so many creative ways to kill, there are trophies and achievements which caught many player’s attention. One of the highest possible mission ratings is the silent assassin in which you only have to take down your enemies without raising any suspicion.

YouTube video

You can’t even kill anyone other than your targets. However, you can only knock them out. No alerts should be raised and no bodies should be found. Similarly, no evidence should remain in the database. If it is, you have to delete it from the security camera room.

Normally, you would use one or two accidental kills to eliminate a few guards or other workers who would cause you trouble entering a few areas. But to play the entire game without ever raising any suspicion is a difficult task but treat for stealthy players.

Videos & Streams

Due to the creative possibilities and difficult achievements, players have come up with their own unique killing strategies. This created a fan base and opened up a space for YouTubers and streamers to share their distinctive approach with the viewers.

Apart from that, players have come up with their own challenges. These challenges included the no-kill challenge, where you can only knock down the enemies but never kill them.

YouTube video

On the contrary, there is a ‘kill everyone’ challenge where you have to kill each guard or technician that comes along your way. To make things more intense, there is a ‘sword only’ challenge where you can perform kills only using a sword. These are exciting to watch.


The players who have mastered the game usually pursue one of the most difficult challenges, which is speedrun. Here, users embark on a journey to complete the entire mission in the least amount of time.

YouTube video

Players now compete in speedruns in an attempt to break each other’s records on different maps. Live streaming of Speedruns has also gained popularity because it is exciting to watch it due to the intense nature of the challenge.

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