Helldivers 2 & Ghost of Tsushima Removed From Unsupported PSN Regions on PC

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Store Page Completely Gone Despite Promise of Bringing Back Helldivers 2!

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  • Within the last two weeks, Ghost of Tsushima and Helldivers 2 were delisted from Steam in over 100 countries.
  • Out of the blue, both games have completely disappeared in these regions, suggesting that the situation just got worse.
  • Searching for their store page returns no results, hinting at a complete removal.

Helldivers 2 and Ghost of Tsushima recently became victims of Sony’s PlayStation integration on PC. Both games were delisted in unsupported PSN regions, leading to a chaotic situation.

While Sony specifically promised to reverse the changes in the former’s case, new developments suggest the gaming giant is moving in the opposite direction. We can confirm that both games have been completely removed from Steam in unsupported regions.

This means Helldivers 2 and Ghost of Tsushima no longer have a store page in such regions.

Why it matters: Despite the lack of clear messaging, a small part of the PC gaming fandom was still hoping to see these ports returning in all regions.

Interestingly, Steam still shows the Ghost of Tsushima banner in these regions, as shown above. However, clicking on this banner redirects us to a page that confirms the game has been completely removed from our region.

The major distinction in this case is that both titles were previously restricted from purchases in unsupported regions. However, Steam users could still visit their store page to view reviews, recent discussions, and more.

This is no longer the case, as they have been completely removed. As seen in the image below, neither game shows up when searching for the title either.

Steam PlayStation Games Delisted Search
Searching For Helldivers 2 Is No Longer Effective In Regions Where PSN Is Unsupported | Image via Tech4Gamers

Perhaps the most interesting part of this situation is that Arrowhead Game Studios was working on bringing Helldviers 2 back in all regions until recently. However, this may no longer be the case since the Steam store page has practically vanished in over 100 countries.

As for Ghost of Tsushima, PlayStation never acknowledged the outrage following this PC port’s delisting. This likely means the gaming giant does not intend to change its policy.

It remains to be confirmed if this move came from Sony or Valve. It was understood that Sony mandated the recent delistings, but Valve ultimately removed the game from sale.

For now, all other PlayStation games remain available in these regions, but we will keep readers updated as more information on the situation shows up. Until then, we suggest forwarding any queries to Valve and Sony for more information.

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