Steam Blames Sony For Delisting Helldivers 2 In Over 100 Countries

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Valve Takes No Responsibility!

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  • After Helldivers 2 was delisted due to the PlayStation account requirement, it was speculated that Steam was behind the decision.
  • According to Steam support, Sony decided to delist Helldivers 2 on Steam.
  • Despite the restriction being removed, the game still isn’t available in unsupported countries.

Last week, Helldivers 2 became the center of attention after it was abruptly delisted from over 100 countries. Many have been wondering who made the final call to delist the game in countries without PlayStation support, and we finally have an answer.

A new statement from Steam support has emerged, revealing that Sony was the actual culprit behind the situation.

Why it matters: This decision has led to criticism of Sony since many believe the gaming giant falsely advertised Helldivers 2 as being playable in all regions despite intending to restrict the game eventually.

Steam Support Blames Sony For Removing Helldivers 2 From Various Regions (screenshot via Reddit)

A Reddit user reached out to Steam support, who told them that the title isn’t available in their region because of the publisher. This response clarifies that it wasn’t Steam who delisted Helldivers 2 but Sony.

Due to the massive criticism from fans, Sony was forced to remove the PlayStation restriction from Helldivers 2. However, ever since that happened, the title hasn’t been made available in countries that don’t support PlayStation services.

Steam support further states that they don’t know when the game will be back on the platform. According to Steam, it’s better to direct such questions to the publisher.

Following the delisting, Steam quickly refunded the game to everyone who was impacted.

Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2 Was On A Roll Before Recent Events

However, as per Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt, only the initial block was made by Sony. Valve seems to be responsible for the current restrictions, but the Helldivers 2 boss hopes to get the game back in all regions as quickly as possible.

Helldivers 2 was flourishing all over the world, garnering huge praise, and was also on the way to being considered for Game of the Year 2024. Unfortunately, Sony may have killed this momentum, with Ghost of Tsushima expected to follow suit.

Ghost of Tsushima has also been delisted from over 100 countries, and Sony has yet to acknowledge this controversy. Considering Steam blames Sony for the delisting, this decision was likely made by the higher-ups at Sony, as well.

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