Halo 2 And 3 Cut E3 Demos To Be Playable Soon In Master Chief Collection

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Being Remade For Halo MCC!

The Halo developer, 343 Industries, has gathered a group of brilliant developers working diligently to recover parts from previous games that were scrapped and did not make it to the final game.

The team named Digsite has been working on recovering various cut content from certain old Halo games, but the remake of the E3 Demos for Halo 2 and 3 has been the most eye-catching.

During a recent Cutting Room Floor blog, 343 Industries revealed that remakes of the E3 demos for the two games would be made playable very soon in the Master Chief Collection.

Why it Matters: A lot of content does not make it to the final build of games. This is also the case with Halo, but 343 Industries is working with a team to allow fans to play these levels.

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As seen above, Halo 2 showcased 8 minutes of gameplay at E3 2003.

This gameplay segment will now be added to the Master Chief Collection. Similarly, the Halo 3 footage from E3 2006 will be playable for old and new fans in the collection containing the classic Halo titles.

According to the team, the scenarios script for the E3 Demo of Halo 3 was very challenging because so many script functions were lost, and many of the elements from the demo were changed for the final game.

While this was difficult, it appears that they have succeeded. The studio has not confirmed a release date for the cut content but assured it would be added to the game soon.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection had a rocky start upon launch in 2014, but thanks to multiple post-launch updates from 343 Industries, it has improved significantly. The collection includes various great fps experiences, and these offerings are about to get even better with the addition of the cut content from the iconic games.

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