Nearly 80% of Forspoken Steam Reviews In Last 30 Days Are Positive

After Recent Optimization and Visual Upgrades!

Before launch, Forspoken had plenty of anticipation due to the game’s exclusivity on PS5. With a mystical setting and exciting gameplay, Luminous Production appeared to have a winning formula on its hand, but the game disappointed audiences at release.

It launched with various problems and unimpressive visuals. The game’s writing also became unpopular, leading to negative reviews for the title. However, recent Steam reviews show a different opinion.

Following various updates, Forspoken has managed to gather nearly 80% positive reviews in the last 30 days.

Why it matters: Forspoken was not launched in a great state like many other games. However, players will be glad Luminous Production did not abandon the title after a disappointing release.

Forspoken Steam Reviews
Source: Steam

In terms of reviews, 76% of the 148 reviews from last month are positive on Steam. Overall, Forspoken currently shows mixed reception, but over 60% of the nearly 3.9K reviews are positive.

Much of this improved reception likely has to do with the game’s improved visuals and optimization. The current build highlights improvements like superior lighting and textures while asking for less expensive hardware.

Similar improvements can be seen in the console version. According to a recent test from Digital Foundry, the game has improved lighting and runs at a more stable frame rate than before.

Additionally, the developer released a new DLC for the game in May. In Tanta, We Trust expands on the lore of Athia, allowing players to learn more about Forspoken’s narrative.

Following the game’s release, Square Enix noted that Forspoken sold below expectations. Developer Luminous Production was also merged into Square Enix, but fans of the game will be glad that this did not compromise future updates.

Recently, games like Cyberpunk 2077 have seen a similar shift in reception, albeit at a much larger scale. Nonetheless, Forspoken appears to be gradually winning audiences over on Steam.

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