GTA Online: New Update Adds Ray Traced Reflections For PS5 & XSX

GTA Online Now Supports Ray Tracing!

GTA Online’s latest update dropped today, and the Los Santos Drug Wars also starts today with additional benefits for the GTA+ subscribers. Other than the new content, new customizable vehicles with weapons and economy updates are also introduced in the game.

However, the most notable improvement of this update is that GTA Online now supports real-time Ray Traced Reflections on current-gen consoles; PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The update file size is around 13.18 GB on Xbox consoles, as notable Rockstar insider Ben mentioned on Twitter.

With this update, current-gen consoles users can enjoy ultra-realistic shadows and reflections during gameplay. It is indeed a massive bump in the visuals department for the nine years old GTA Online that has aged reasonably well in terms of graphics. Also, you can experience quality-of-life changes during the gameplay.

It will be interesting to see how the new ray-traced reflections and shadows enhance the players’ experience in GTA Online.

Still, it is not the end for GTA Online fans; as reported previously, according to some rumors, the game will be getting a new taxi service to travel fast across the map; however, this new feature is said to be limited to GTA+ subscribers only, adding another perk to Rockstar’s subscription service.

In addition, Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive have assured the fans that GTA Online will get frequent seasonal updates to keep the experience fresh for the players. As the fans wait for the next big Grand Theft Auto Game, GTA 6, it is safe to say that Rockstar is determined to keep their current games on par with the latest technology even after years of their release.

So, what are your thoughts about this? Have you experienced the new Ray Tracing reflections of GTA Online yet? Let us know in the comment section below.

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