Remember those times when the launch prices of graphic cards were somewhat affordable? I don’t because graphics card prices have been sky-high for as long as you can imagine. These prices were once normal, and you could easily get your hands on your favourite GPU. It is heart-breaking for a person on a low budget to view the GPU listing online as the prices aren’t reasonable. 

Specifically, the RTX 30 series graphics cards have been exaggerated in the past two years after its release. The original price of the RTX 3080 graphics card was $700, but once it had been sold for more than $1,570 by third-party retailers. Some of the graphics cards were even sold at quadruple the original price.

But what if I tell you the price will significantly drop in the near future? It seems hard to imagine.

Recently, it has been reported that the cost price of GPUs has been reduced by 8-12%. NVIDIA has quietly notified this information to various AIC graphics card manufacturers. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the price of graphics cards will plummet by 8-12%. This means that it is possible to get the good news of further price reduction of graphics cards soon. This price drop has never happened in years.

As the mining market continues to decline, the overall price of graphic cards has also continued to decrease. NVIDIA, as an upstream source manufacturer, is no exception.

As of mid-to-early March, according to a statistic from the German market, the average inflation of graphic cards of NVIDIA RTX 30 series and AMD RX 6000 series have continued to drop to 41% and 35%, while the inventory situation has also steadily improved.

RTX 3080TiStatistics from the German market show that as of mid-to-early March, the average premiums of NVIDIA RTX 30 series and AMD RX 6000 series have continued to drop to 41% and 35%, respectively, and the inventory situation has also steadily improved.

RTX 30 Series Prices Trend for 2021-2022 from German Statistic
Credits: VideoCardz

The RTX 30 series has bid farewell to the apparent shortage, and the price increase has generally dropped by 13-23 percentage points in the past month. The price of the RTX 3080 Ti rose only to 16%, and the RTX 3050 is currently down to 29%.

However, the RTX 3070 is still in high demand, with a price increase of up to 60%, and the RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3080 10GB are also 55%.

AMD 6000 Series Prices Trend for 2021-2022 from German Statistic
Credits: VideoCardz

As for the AMD 6000 series, the price has dropped by 7-14 percentage points in the past month, the RX 6500 XT is only 8% left from reaching its original price, and the RX 6600 is at only 20%. The availability of these graphics cards is decent except for the RX 6800, which is a bit difficult to obtain.

AMD 6000 Series and Nvidia RTX 30 Series GPU Pricing Trend 2021-2022 v4 till March

You can also view the price trend from the graph below. This graph shows the entire year of 2021 as well as 2022 till the beginning of March. Last year in May, the currency circle plummeted, which once caused the price of graphics cards to drop sharply.

However, in the middle of last year, the currency circle rose again, causing the GPU prices to increase. This pattern continued until the end of last year when the cost of graphics cards dropped again.

In 2022, graphics card prices are expected to collapse even faster for a few reasons. A primary reason is a decrease in the demand for mining because XFX is no longer allowed to sell GPUs in bulk quantity to crypto mining firmsThe production capacity of GPU chips has also been increased, and the price of graphics cards has peaked, especially in the past 2 to 3 months.

Reportedly, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and other manufacturers have followed up with price adjustments, slightly reducing the price by around $15. This reduction may be small, but it has officially opened the gates for the graphics card price decline in the upcoming years. 

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