Gotham Knights was recently released, but the game has been surrounded by negativity. A few days before launch, it was discovered that Gotham Knights would be limited to 30 fps on consoles. However, the game seems to perform poorly across all platforms. 

A few days after launch, the game received its first patch. While the new patch includes several changes, the developers have quietly removed Denuvo from the PC version of Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights
Source: SteamDB

The developer has provided a complete list of patch notes for those interested in the new changes. Interestingly, the DRM change has not been mentioned in the official list of changes.  

As mentioned earlier, Gotham Knights has been criticized for poor performance across all platforms. Besides the poor console performance, the game continues to drop below the 60 frames-per-second mark on capable PC hardware. 

Denuvo has been known to cause a noticeable impact on game performance in previous instances. However, it remains to be seen if this recent change will help the game run better on PC platforms. 

This change could also open the game to piracy, but the more significant impacts of this update remain to be seen. The developers have not officially talked about this change yet, and fans can only wait for further clarification on the matter. 

Recent tweets have also acknowledged the performance issues on PC and consoles. According to the developers, the team is working to address these complaints with a big future update. 

However, an estimated time frame for the update has not been provided. Fans can only hope that Gotham Knights continue to improve and that WB Games Montreal can fully realize the true potential of their latest release. 


Denuvo has now been added back to Gotham Knights. However, WB Games Montreal has still not officially addressed this change, adding to the confusion surrounding the situation. Gotham Knights has also been cracked, following the temporary removal of Denuvo. 

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