Gears E-Day To Be Dark, Serious, And Brutal Experience

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The Tale of Emergence Day Will Be Brutal!

Story Highlight
  • Gears E-Day is said to be totally different from recent entries.
  • It focuses on the brutality and darker elements of the IP.
  • The game will also be based on linear missions and Unreal Engine 5.

The Coalition is back after several years. Having unveiled Gears E-Day, the studio is looking better than ever. This entry takes fans in the past, telling the origin story of famous characters Marcus and Dom.

However, this origin story will be quite different from everything that The Coalition has done in recent years. According to the team, Gears E-Day will take a darker approach to the story.

Why it matters: This franchise seems to be back in all its glory, with The Coalition raising excitement with one of the best trailers from yesterday’s Xbox Showcase.

YouTube video

Following the first look, various other details about this entry have been shared online. As reported by Gamefile, franchise director Nicole Fawcette has stated that Gears E-Day will feature a linear campaign.

Moreover, it will be set in the city of Kalona and feature intense, action-packed gameplay. The director emphasized that this release will be more brutal than recent games, making for an exciting origin story.

Gears E-Day is also said to be more somber, but it will continue to offer an over-the-top experience. This likely means that the stakes will be higher than ever, even if the game is ultimately limited by its status as a prequel.

Like past job listings hinted, The Coalition has confirmed Unreal Engine 5 for this title. In fact, the team recently stated the reveal trailer featured in-game assets, setting it up to become this generation’s most impressive release.

Gears E-Day
Gears E-Day Presents A Younger Marcus Phoenix

Finally, the team emphasized a focus on co-op.

This comes as no surprise since Gears has always been popular for its multiplayer and co-op gameplay. Gears E-Day will continue to offer a compelling co-op experience, with The Coalition touting its ‘never fight alone’ mantra.

Apart from Gears E-Day, games like Doom: The Dark Age and Perfect Dark were revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase. Other titles like Fable received release dates, and Microsoft also showed off new hardware revisions for its current consoles.

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