Fallout 5: Bethesda Plans To Revisit Franchise Sooner Than Expected

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Bethesda Wants Fallout 5 Earlier Than Fans Expect!

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  • Xbox Head Phil Spencer just acknowledged the recent success and demand for Fallout.
  • He states that the TV show has motivated Bethesda to pursue this franchise more seriously.
  • This means that Fallout 5 could arrive much sooner than anticipated.

The Fallout franchise has seen a great resurgence in players following the release of the Amazon TV show. The developers have also made nearly $!00 million thanks to the show’s success.

While Fallout 5 is still far from its release, it seems plans are now in motion to get it out sooner than anticipated. According to Phil Spencer, the Fallout team has recognized the show’s success and is looking to plot a course for the future.

Why it matters: The TV series impacted nearly every game, with Fallout 4 and 76 seeing the most success.

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Soon after the recent Xbox Games Showcase, the Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, spoke to IGN and addressed multiple topics, including the recent success of the Fallout franchise. 

He stated that Todd Howard is now looking into the future. While he did not share much, Phil Spencer teased an exciting path ahead for this IP.

Todd’s kind of looking at the plans on what he’s doing. Todd has recognized the success on his own and is thinking through what that means.

-Phil Spencer

The fact that he pointed out how Todd Howard is moving ahead while keeping the recent success in mind means that Bethesda likely intends to release Fallout 5 sooner than initially planned.

At its traditional pace, the team would not be able to launch this RPG before 2030. Many even doubt whether The Elder Scrolls 6 will launch this generation, so there would be no chance for another Fallout entry at Bethesda’s typical pace.

However, Phil Spencer seems to have alluded to measures that will help with this situation. Perhaps Fallout 5 will really be available before 2030

The Fallout TV Show Is Set To Receive More Seasons

Recently, Todd Howard also confirmed the plans for multiple entries were being made, but he refused to share any information on the subject.

Nonetheless, it seems the Fallout TV series has accelerated plans for the IP.

Many fans still hope to see Fallout New Vegas 2, with Obsidian Entertainment potentially helping Bethesda reinvigorate the IP. While this may not be on the table for now, there is no telling how Bethesda will approach the future.

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