Allegedly Leaked Image Hints At Gears of War 6 And Ultimate Collection

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Potential Image Points To More Gears Goodness!

An insider has previously talked about Microsoft working on a Gears of War collection akin to Halo MCC from 2014. The original rumor started over a year ago, but the insider recently insisted that the Gears of War Collection is still happening.

On the most recent episode of the Xbox Era podcast, the insider was presented with an image that has once again reignited rumors of the rumored Gears Ultimate Collection. However, the image also hints at Gears of War 6. 

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The image shows logos for the Gears of War 6 and Ultimate Collection. A previous job listing has already hinted at The Coalition developing the next Gears game, so this should not be surprising. 

But the image seems to add more legitimacy to Nick’s previous leaks about Gears of War remasters. Recently, reliable leaker Jez Corden also claimed that he thinks a Gears Collection could happen, but this was a thought instead of a proper leak.

It should also be noted that Nick could not speak for the legitimacy of this leak. The source also claims they are unsure if the image is 100% real.

However, Nick was also asked not to show the entire image. The logos shown in the podcast were cropped, adding further to the mystery surrounding the leak. He further said:

“Skbut remember its also cropped. There’s other stuff i was asked to crop”

Gears of war 4

A Gears Collection does not sound like a bad move from Microsoft, and surprisingly, the games have not been remastered yet. Gears is currently among the best Xbox IPs, and many fans would be glad to have more Gears content on their hands. 

Going by the previous rumors, an announcement could be made this year. The remaster would also bring older Gears games to PC platforms, introducing more players to the franchise.

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