Skull And Bones Pre-Orders Reportedly Being Refunded

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Not Available For Purchase On PSN Anymore!

Skull And Bones has been stuck in development for several years. By September 2022, the game had been delayed many times, but Ubisoft had expected to release the game in March 2023.

However, the company has struggled to meet targets recently. Ubisoft canceled three unannounced games, and the company also announced another delay for Skull and Bones earlier this month.  

The game is now targeting a 2023-2024 release window, but Ubisoft is still planning a beta. Despite the company’s enthusiasm, recent reports have indicated more bad news surrounding the upcoming release.

As users on Reddit and Twitter noted, Skull and Bones pre-orders are being automatically refunded

Users have also spotted that Skull and Bones is no longer available to purchase on the PlayStation Store, but PlayStation owners still have the option to wishlist the game. Interestingly, the game can still be pre-ordered on the Xbox storefront.

Skull and Bones continues to be delayed each time the release date draws nearer. It can be speculated that the uncertainty surrounding the game’s upcoming release date has led to this problem with PlayStation.

The game has also seen massive revisions throughout development. Skull and Bones has been effectively rebooted multiple times, and the current game is a very different product than Ubisoft initially planned in 2017. 

Reaching out to the user on Twitter, Ubisoft support has claimed that the game is still set to be released. The sudden refunds caused concerns among some users that the game may not see the light of day, but fans can rest assured that Skull and Bones is still targeting the 2023-2024 release period.

YouTube video

Following the recent delay, Ubisoft has also shared 30 minutes of new gameplay for Skull and Bones. The latest footage covers some of the mechanics and gameplay elements that players can expect in the upcoming Pirate game. 

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