Game Pass Is Now CDKeys’ Best-Selling Subscription Due To Price Increase

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Fans Rushing To Stack Game Pass Ultimate Before Price Hike!

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  • Call of Duty will be launching on Game Pass soon.
  • Recently, Xbox announced that it would increase the subscription prices and introduce a new tier.
  • Following the announcement, many fans are stacking the subscription from CDKeys for a discounted price.

Xbox previously announced that Call of Duty would be released on Game Pass, but fans found it hard to believe. However, Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 was later confirmed for Game Pass.

The whole game is not available on the base tier of the service, and Microsoft is also raising prices for Game Pass soon. Following this announcement, fans have taken matters into their own hands, stacking subscriptions from CDKeys to save money in the future

Why it matters: Price hikes are never welcomed by fans because nobody wants to pay more. However, Xbox is increasing the prices of its subscription services again, which has caused confusion.

CDKeys is Offering Discounts On Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

CDKeys is one of the biggest third-party key reselling platforms, and it is quite famous and has tons of positive reviews.

Since this website is trusted, many users rely on it to buy games and subscription services. It is currently offering a 21% discount on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This would cost you just over $28 to buy the service for three months.

Now that Xbox has announced an inevitable price hike, fans are rushing to this platform to buy this subscription service. Due to that, Game Pass Ultimate is currently the best seller on CDKeys. 

Call of Duty Black Ops 6
The Price Hike For The Subscription Is Occurring Due To Call of Duty Games

This code works for both Xbox and PC, so it is currently the best offer if you want to save money in the future. CDKeys offers prices significantly lower than those from the official store, which is mainly why fans are rushing here to save money.

This is a smart move by fans since the price hike is quite substantial, especially for Game Pass Ultimate. However, it should be noted that players can only stack 13 months’ worth of Game Pass subscriptions on the console.

Therefore, buying this three-month subscription more than four times might be a waste. After 12 months, users can still buy the one-month variant, which is currently available at a 31% discount.

Many also seem to be flocking to this option since it stands as the 4th best seller on the platform.

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