Batman Arkham Veteran Devs Working On AAA G.I. Joe Game

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Hoping To Do For G.I. Joe What Arkham Asylum Did For Batman!

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  • Hasbro is working with Batman Arkham Asylum veterans on a G.I. Joe game.
  • This project will feature Snake Eyes, and Hasbro hopes it will revive the franchise.
  • The studio is confident in the project because of the experienced developers who are part of the team.

Hasbro is the latest studio to acknowledge the vast potential of the gaming industry. In addition to companies like Marvel, Hasbro hopes to go all-in on gaming, recently unveiling a major G.I. Joe project.

This adaptation will be a fully-fledged AAA game. What’s more interesting is the fact that it’s being led by developers who pioneered Batman Arkham Asylum.

Why it matters: The G.I. Joe franchise is a massive name in the realm of comic books. This franchise has remained relevant for multiple decades and could be on the verge of another resurgence.

Batman Arkham Asylum
Rocksteady Studios Redefined Batman In 2009

Batman Arkham Asylum practically revolutionized superhero games in 2009 and changed this character’s perception in the industry.

Hasbro has handed over the G.I. Joe IP to developer Atomic Arcade, who aims to offer a similar revolutionary experience. One of the primary goals of this team is to completely change the IP’s status in gaming, much like Batman Arkham Asylum did for DC’s Caped Crusader.

According to Hasbro, the project will feature Snake Eyes as the protagonist. Hasbro’s Head of Digital Production states that Atomic Arcade consists of an experienced team that understands this goal well. Therefore, G.I. Joe is already showing a lot of promise.

With Snake Eyes, it’s hopefully going to be a shot in the arm to the G.I. Joe franchise.

-Dan Ayub From Hasbro

The team hopes this adaptation will increase G.I. Joe’s popularity across all forms of entertainment.

G.I. Joe AAA Game
Hasbro Has Massive Ambitions For G.I. Joe

According to new information, Hasbro has spent up to $1 billion on its latest investments. The studio is also interested in making Baldur’s Gate 4 without Larian, who is now working on two ambitious projects of its own.

It is important to note that much of Rocksteady Studios’ original leadership is no longer part of the studio. Co-founders like Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker have left the team, and these experienced developers are now scattered across different AAA development teams.

As for Rocksteady Studios, its latest release has been quite a disappointment, falling to extremely low player counts just two months after launch.

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