FromSoft Won’t Always Rely on Open Worlds Despite Elden Ring Success

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FromSoftware Will Continue To Try New Concepts!

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  • Elden Ring set a bar for open-world games that everyone is following.
  • FromSoftware still says that it won’t force open worlds into all games.
  • The team will continue to experiment with different styles of games, though more open-world experiences will still be part of the release cycle.

Nearly every FromSoftware release has been a huge hit. However, the studio attained a new bar that was hard to match in 2022. Elden Ring sold 25 million copies, won Game of the Year, and its expansion is now the industry’s best-rated DLC to date.

After such a massive success, it seems natural for the team to follow in Elden Ring’s footsteps. However, FromSoftware makes it clear that open worlds won’t be the new standard just because its latest release was such a huge hit.

Why it matters: Open worlds, in general, are the new trend that everyone is chasing. This has led to open-world fatigue in many cases, but FromSoftware is not known to follow common trends.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
Elden Ring Is Set To Launch Its DLC Soon

Elden Ring’s open world was considered a new bar for the genre. It prioritized player freedom above everything else, with exploration organically opening up the map as players ventured into new areas.

Fans might find it odd for the team to be interested in more linear environments after this success. However, in an interview, director Hideki Miyazaki explained how the studio will approach future games.

While the open-world formula worked so well, it won’t become the end-all-be-all of future FromSoftware games.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that open world is going to become the new base or foundation or standard of the company.


He also emphasized that this doesn’t mean open-world games are ruled out completely. Hidetaka Miyazaki emphasized that many designers and directors at the studio are still learning.

Therefore, the team will approach future projects with an open mind. Further evidence of this approach is found in Armored Core 6, a game that didn’t replicate the open-world formula after Elden Ring’s success.

c Shadow of the Erdtree Story Trailer
Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Has Set A New Bar For DLCs

In the end, the director highlighted that while the Elden Ring open world was not perfect, it contained themes that the studio is going to revisit in future games.

However, until then, Shadow of the Erdtree seems enough to keep gamers content. With over 40 hours of content and a massive map, this expansion seems to be FromSoftware’s best work on post-launch content.

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