AMD Allegedly Suffered Massive Data Breach Recently

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AMD Could Be In Major Trouble!

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  • A cybergang named “IntelBroker” has allegedly stolen AMD data containing customer and staff information.
  • IntelBroker has leaked screenshots showing sensitive information such as AMD employees’ internal phone numbers and corporate email addresses.
  • AMD has acknowledged the cybercriminal group’s claim and stated they are investigating the alleged security breach.

In a hacker forum, a cybergang going by the name “IntelBroker” claimed to have compromised AMD earlier this month. Databases containing customer and staff information as well as details on future AMD products are included in the stolen material.

Additional information taken includes firmware, source code, and financial information about AMD.

Why it matters: Various hacks, such as Insomniac and Rockstar’s data breach, have revealed sensitive information in recent years. Many fear that AMD’s hack will lead to even more data showing up online.

Image via BreachedForums

IntelBroker has since leaked screenshots containing sensitive information, which include AMD workers’ internal phone numbers and corporate email addresses, to lend legitimacy to the claims.

However, the employee information displayed in each case is marked as “inactive,” indicating that the staff members are no longer employed by the organization and that the emails are no longer valid.

Additionally, it is unknown what specific details may have been taken, as IntelBroker did not disclose details on the stolen data. Some screenshots, however, seem to display AMD internal files.

Specifically, one file with pictures refers to “spec releases” for several AMD processors. The administrator of BreachedForums has already shared material allegedly connected to significant hacks, so IntelBroker is not exactly unknown in the hacker community.

Home Depot acknowledged the same thing in April, and Europol disclosed just last month that it had a hack that led to files being taken.  Moreover, The Pentagon reported that a breach occurred with one of its partners. 

AMD has since released a statement and is said to be investigating the possible cyberattack. The company is currently working with law enforcement agencies to work on the best course of action.

Similar claims have proven to be false in the past, such as in Sony’s case. Therefore, it may be best to wait for AMD’s word on the matter after it concludes the investigation.

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