Nvidia Officially World’s #1 Most Valuable Company After Beating Microsoft

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Nvidia Could Become World's First $5 Trillion Company!

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  • Nvidia is now valued at a whopping $3.34 trillion compared to Microsoft’s $3.15 trillion.
  • The former is now the world’s biggest company.
  • Nvidia is expected to experience further growth, potentially reaching $5 trillion in the future.

Nvidia has experienced significant growth in recent years, primarily due to its advancements in AI technologies. As AI adoption increases globally, Nvidia’s chips have played a major role in the company’s growth.

In just a little over two months into 2024, Nvidia’s market cap increased by an astounding $1 trillion. After surpassing Tesla, Nvidia briefly overtook Apple to become the second-most valuable company in the world.

However, just 12 days later, another incredible record has been set by Nvidia. The company is officially bigger than Microsoft now.

Why it matters: Nvidia has experienced a sudden growth burst in recent years that nobody could have predicted, and its significant expansion showcases how much AI has advanced in recent years.

Nvidia AI Technology
Nvidia Is The Leading Force Behind Modern AI Technology

With the demand for AI booming in the past few years, companies turned to Nvidia for their GPUs to train AI models. Right now, Nvidia is dominating this field with no competitors in sight, thanks to its expertise and experience in the industry.

This February, the company added a whopping $272 billion in market value in a single day, more than any company has ever done. Beyond gaming, Nvidia’s involvement in cloud computing, AI, data centers, and more, has made this possible.

Just now, the gaming giant has made another incredible leap. Nvidia closed its stock at nearly $136 today after it rose by 3.5%. Valued at $3.34 trillion, the company is officially the world’s most valuable company.

What’s fascinating here is that nearly 8 years ago, this stock was worth under 1% of its current price. Even Wall Street was surprised at how fast Nvidia has grown and acknowledged that they needed to familiarize themselves with Nvidia’s products.

Bill Gates Microsoft
Microsoft Had Been A Leader In The Tech Industry For Decades

Right now, Microsoft’s market cap is $3.15 trillion. While the difference between the two isn’t the biggest, analysts believe Nvidia has yet to reach its peak.

Its growth in the AI field could take it to further heights. While Microsoft is known for its diverse offerings in hardware, software, and gaming, Nvidia’s expertise in AI alone has been enough to surpass Microsoft.

The way things are going right now, Nvidia may become the world’s first-ever $5 trillion company within the next few years. Some analysts even predict this will happen as soon as 2026. 

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