Final Fantasy 7 Has Sold Over 14.1 Million Copies

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Final Fantasy 7 Still Going Strong!

The Final Fantasy franchise is over 35 years old, with Final Fantasy 7 being among the most important games for the series yet. Final Fantasy 7 laid the foundation for modern games in the franchise, and many fans look fondly back at the game to this day.

Final Fantasy 7 also celebrated its 26th anniversary recently, and Square Enix has revealed another milestone for the beloved classic. According to Final Fantasy 7 Director Yoshinori Kitase, the classic game has now sold over 14.1 million copies

Final Fantasy 7 14.1 Million


Additionally, Square Enix has also announced that January 31 will be celebrated as ‘Final Fantasy 7 Day’ by the Japanese Anniversary Association. 

Final Fantasy 7 continues to have a strong legacy for the franchise. The iconic JRPG introduced characters like Cloud and Sephiroth, along with incredible stories that have captivated fans for several decades. 

The game was first released for the PlayStation in 1997. However, Final Fantasy 7 is available across various platforms today, having been released on modern consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. PC users can also play the game on Steam. 

Final Fantasy 7 also includes the traditional turn-based combat from previous releases in the franchise. This combat system was extremely well received and continues to be a nice change of pace compared to modern combat systems found in many games.

Since 1997, various entries have been released in the series. The latest title in the long-running JRPG franchise, Final Fantasy 16, is set to be released for the PS5 in just a few months. The previous mainline entry, Final Fantasy 15, has also sold over 10 million copies.

Final Fantasy 7 has undoubtedly left a huge mark on the gaming industry. Through various releases and continued support, Square Enix has kept Final Fantasy 7 relevant decades later, leading to an incredible 14.1 million sales for the beloved JPRG game.

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