Final Fantasy 16 Is The Ultimate Fantasy, Claims Final Fantasy Creator

Father of Final Fantasy Approves!

Final Fantasy 16 has been on the market for nearly two months. Since its release, the game has received excellent reviews, leading to positivity for the new direction of the series.

With Creative Business Unit 3, the studio behind the popular Final Fantasy 14, leading development, many were already confident, leading to hopes for a high-quality Final Fantasy release.

In addition to positive reception from the fans, it appears developers are also pleased with Final Fantasy 16. The creator of Final Fantasy recently took to Twitter, praising the game for its epic adventure.

Why it matters: The real-time combat focus of Final Fantasy 16 was somewhat controversial among dedicated Final Fantasy fans. However, the game appears to have pleased the father of Final Fantasy.


Hironobu Sakaguchi has recently confirmed that he has completed the game. Following the completion, he stated:

“I have played FF16 to the end. It was the ultimate fantasy.”

These words suggest the creator disagrees with the sentiment that Final Fantasy 16 is not a proper Final Fantasy game and strays too far from the turn-based JRPG roots of the series.

Since Hironobu Sakaguchi has been involved in various Final Fantasy games over the years, the developer understands that games cannot always remain similar to previous entries.

Therefore, he appears to have enjoyed the recent shift in direction. Similarly, many new players have found themselves enjoying Final Fantasy 16 due to the traditional action-based combat.

In a later tweet, he elaborated that Final Fantasy continues to evolve and is never completed.

The latest Final Fantasy entry sold over 3 million units in its first week, becoming a successful launch for Square Enix. While the company had hoped for higher sales, a spokesperson claimed that the gaming giant was largely pleased with the reception.

During July, Final Fantasy 16 achieved the highest number of downloads for the PS5 console in Japan. A PC release is also expected next year, opening the game up to more players on different platforms like Steam and Epic Games Store.

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Bawal Zehri
Bawal Zehri
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