Final Fantasy 13 Series Remasters Reportedly In The Works

The Trilogy Might Be Coming Back!

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  • A release schedule on the Square Enix website suggests Final Fantasy 13 remasters are in development.
  • The game is currently listed for PC only.
  • Remasters could bring these Final Fantasy games to modern PlayStation consoles.

Originally released in 2009, Final Fantasy 13 marked the first time this JRPG franchise saw a mainline game divided into a trilogy. The Lightning Saga, as the trilogy was described, received decent reviews but couldn’t match the popularity of its predecessors.

This series of games also marked the first time Final Fantasy transitioned into the HD era. While its reception has meant that Square Enix has mostly ignored the trilogy, a new listing suggests Final Fantasy 13 remasters are in development.

Why it matters: Square Enix has already ported many classic games from the IP to modern PlayStation consoles through remasters. Therefore, it would not be too shocking to see the studio taking a similar approach to the Lightning Saga.

Final Fantasy 13

All three games are already available on Steam and can be easily played on the platform. Similarly, Xbox users can try Final Fantasy 13 through backward compatibility, but no such option exists on PlayStation.

With the PS4/PS5 skipping native backward compatibility for the PS3, remasters could bring this series to PlayStation consoles. Interestingly, the Square Enix page lists PC as the only platform the title is being planned for.

While the game already exists on this platform, the Steam version is, for lack of a better word, terrible. Multiple bugs, performance issues, and an unstable experience make a strong case for a remaster, with the added benefit of native gameplay on PlayStation through said remasters.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Combat

Still, the lack of more platforms makes this listing a bit suspicious, suggesting that Square Enix could have made a mistake on the website. Therefore, we recommend taking this information with a slight pinch of salt until further updates show up.

Even if the listing is a mistake, we hope Square Enix brings these games over to modern platforms.

While the Lightning Saga doesn’t stand out as most of the other titles in the franchise, it has its upsides and can be very fun, especially for those willing to try a different style of JRPGs.

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