New Far Cry IP Director Hints At “Big Things” For Ubisoft Franchise

"We Have Big Things In Store!"

The winds of change have blown through Ubisoft, bringing forth a new era for the Far Cry series, led by Drew Holmes. This is excellent news for the fans, as Drew is a seasoned veteran in narrative-driven games.

Drew Holmes has assumed the role of the new IP Director for Far Cry, carrying with him a promise of ‘big things’ for the franchise’s future.

Why it Matters: The appointment of Drew Holmes as the IP Director for the Far Cry franchise is an exciting prospect since he has ample experience with past entries of the IP.

Fary Cry 6

Having previously held the position of Narrative Lead for Far Cry, Holmes brings a wealth of storytelling experience to his new role. His track record includes contributing to the narratives of Far Cry: New Dawn and Far Cry 5.

He has also worked on critically acclaimed titles like BioShock Infinite. As reported by VGC, Holmes subtly promised ‘big things’ for the franchise:

“I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as IP Director of Far Cry at Ubisoft! We have big things in store.”

The Far Cry IP, in general, has received both acclaim and criticism over the years. However, Far Cry 6 put the franchise in a confusing position in 2021. Over the last few years, the third-person shooter franchise has quickly lost momentum.

Fans claim that the IP has run out of ideas, pointing to the similarities between each new release. Nonetheless, Drew Holmes’ role as IP Director demonstrates a deliberate push to tackle these problems.

The Director will leverage his skill in creating immersive narratives and captivating gameplay for the next entry in the series.

Although the open-world environments and intense combat have been Far Cry’s biggest highlights, recent releases have delved deeper into storytelling. Drew Holmes’ skill in crafting complex narratives is set to enhance this element further.

Far Cry 7 is sure to be an interesting addition to the franchise after this development. With rumors pointing to a release in Fall 2025 and the use of the Snowdrop engine, it could prove to be the best offering of the series in recent years.

Moreover, Ubisoft appears to also be working on a separate multiplayer game within the Far Cry world, which is currently referred to as an extraction shooter.

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