Far Cry 3 Became The Best Game In The Series 11 Years Ago

Best Far Cry Already A Decade Old!

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  • Far Cry 3 is already over a decade old.
  • Vaas Montenegro remains one of the most notable antagonists in the gaming industry.
  • Many still consider Far Cry 3 the best game of the IP.

The Far Cry IP is among the three biggest Ubisoft franchises, with a seventh mainline title and an extraction shooter in development. Despite big promises, recent games have not managed to top Far Cry 3.

This game celebrated its 11th anniversary recently. Far Cry 3 is fondly remembered not only as the best game of the IP but also as one of the most notable games on the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles.

Why it matters: The third entry was crucial for the franchise as it laid the groundwork for its successors. Its mainstream appeal also meant that future games would be open to a much wider audience.


While the expectations were high from the game, Far Cry 3 exploded onto the scene and set a new bar for the IP.

The game was highly praised for its compelling characters, laying a template of charismatic villains that would be followed by future Far Cry games. Vaas Montenegro, the main antagonist, quickly made an impression, becoming an icon in the industry.

Vaas’ brutal nature is contrasted by Jason Brody, a frail and cowardly protagonist who finds himself in a difficult situation. However, with the task of saving his friends from terrifying criminals, Jason eventually adapts and comes into his own as an efficient killer disposing of these pirates.

Though Vaas typically gets the spotlight, and for good reason, we believe Jason Brody is one of the more underrated parts of Far Cry 3. His evolution was portrayed well and made the game enjoyable to play.

The typical Far Cry mechanics are all present in Far Cry 3. Hunting, exploration, crafting, and liberating outposts are crucial to the game. This entry also spawned various iconic quotes, with one line from Vaas becoming immediately recognizable.

At one point, Vaas explains the meaning of insanity and says:

“Doing the exact same thing over and over again, expecting s**t to change.”

Ironically, this is a quote people have associated with modern Far Cry games, claiming that Ubisoft is attempting to recapture the magic of the third entry to this day.

To nobody’s surprise, Far Cry 3 was a commercial success, selling over 10 million copies worldwide. The developers also released the Blood Dragon expansion in 2013.

Eleven years later, this game is celebrated as the peak of Far Cry’s accomplishments and game design, with recent entries struggling to find their relevance after the formula of this game became too stale.

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